TaylorMade Driver Comparison Old vs New | SIM Max vs. R11 vs. 360 Ti | 20 Years of Technology

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This TaylorMade Driver Comparison puts 20 years of technology to the test, comparing three of TaylorMade's drivers from the past two decades. 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and master fitter Thomas Campbell used Trackman technology to compare the TaylorMade SIM Max, the TaylorMade R11, and the TaylorMade 360 Ti drivers against one another in this #TaylorMade #Driver #Comparison.

TaylorMade has been an industry leader in driver performance for years and this video shows how much the standard has changed in driver performance in the last 20 years.

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donsmnc says:

As someone who is still playing the R11 in 2020, this was a very interesting comparison test. This explains why my misses seem more severe (loss of yardage) than with newer technology. I have been wanting to change for a couple years now, this may be the push I needed to make the change. My debate has been which model (M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, Sim, etc..) to move to for the biggest bang and the lowest cost? Thanks.

Rod G says:

I still love my R540 with a stiff shaft

Pop In Stock says:

It's funny because I still play with a Taylor Made R 360 XD in 2022. I hit pretty much the same distance he was doing with that driver. Now I feel like it's time for me to buy a newer driver and gain that extra 20-25 yards.

Tonythetiger says:

If they used less used driver with new shaft, I'm sure he will kill it on 360.

Tonythetiger says:

Didn't Jack Nicklaus hit 300 yards with persimmon head with balata balls? LOL

Interested Bystander says:

For forgiveness, it's generally not a TM driver you're looking for. I play the SLDR, for example, which goes a country mile when I pure it, but bites me in the ass on off-centre hits.

For forgiveness, you've got to be looking at Callaway. Rogue or Fusion.

300 in the trees is not as good as 275 on the fairway.

PS, I reckon Thomas is an Aussie. Possibly a Saffer, but almost certain he's an Aussie.

Brad Powell says:

Awesome video! It looks like upgrading my R11 to a Stealth plus is going to be worthwhile.

Sam Norland says:

Just upgraded from R11 which I've had since 2014 to SIM 2 Max

Cheez Whizrice says:

I hit the 320 Tour until the R7 came out..Loved those two drivers.

Marcel Crawford says:

I love the R11 I hit a consistent 310+ yards on my drives. The adjustments that you're allowed with the driver is amazing.

N C says:

I have a 360Ti and have been umm-ing and ah-ing about getting a new driver. This video sealed the deal. Sim2 or the new Cobra Rad are on the shopping list

Liam Clancy says:

Still rocking the 360ti in 2021.


New clubs you drive the ball 10 extra yards but you pay too extra dollars no brainer


Far that's a cheap driver 5 bucks. I'll give you 10 bucks for it. Iv for a lady's driver lol. It's a lady Palmer purple driver.

Neil Henderson says:

But dispersion is best with r11?

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