TaylorMade Stealth Plus vs SIM2 vs SIM | TaylorMade Drivers Comparison

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The new TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver is the newest low-spin driver offering from TaylorMade. It features a new all-carbon design, including a 60X Carbon Twist Face. But how does it compare to the TaylorMade SIM2 and the TaylorMade SIM?

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell test the TaylorMade Stealth Plus, TaylorMade SIM2, and TaylorMade SIM drivers in a head-to-head test using Trackman technology.


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Dan kool says:

It kept looking uglier after the regular SIM..

sully lemmons says:

What shaft was that?

Christher Lenander says:

I tested both the Stealt and the Stealth Plus. The Stealt spun between 1400-1500 rpm. But the Stealt Plus spun between 2200-2500 rpm. Both was 9 deg heads and with the same Proforce V2 Yellow shaft. Anyone else that had that experience where the supposed higher spin head spinns less than the lower spin head? I ended up bying the Stealth Plus in 9 deg.

Dan lish says:

Sim2 went further than the stealth if you check their video when they compare m5,sim,sim2
Same club head speed each year too. Seems to always be biased towards the newest club

Noah says:

Every second swing video I've watched has called the newer model a winner, every time

jaredguenthart22 says:

Guys are killing it!

jdmb16crx1 says:

Stealth plus should have been tested with the sim2 max and sim max. Other than that great video

KrypTeK says:

I mean 290-300 is not a big difference when it comes to driver. I’ll spend 300$ on a sim vs double that for a stealth and maybe 10 yards. Not worth it

CasualtieZ says:

Keeping my original SIM. Might upgrade in a few years

Alex Beesley says:

Stealth sounds so crap

Codex says:

Should hit the sim again after stealth, bet there's nothing in it

Mr. Ferguson Lawn says:

I'm still playing my old trusty R9 driver, and torn between Sim2 and Stealth. I'm also factoring in that my dad has the Sim 2 and don't necessarily want the same club as him, but ultimately it comes down to money and performance. Thanks for the info, but I'm leaving still torn! lol

Zack Kennedy says:

May be “surprising” to you “experts” but swinging the club 2mph faster will make it go further. Should honestly do it fair and not go after the higher price driver. Let me guess, next year the stealth 2 will be 2 mph faster than the stealth…

Gerdon Karakosta says:

Yes all the club fitters/sellers will warm up with the older models first and once they get all loose and adjusted they will hit the new model last to show that the new model is better. In other wards they wants you to buy the new model, it’s a nasty business but effective. 🍻

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