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Here I travel down to Basingstoke and TaylorMade HQ and get fitted out for Ashworth clothing! I also invade the tour workshop, discover some R15 smash time and play with Sergio Garcia's balls.

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fullwerkes says:

Great video Mr Finch!

I am confused however, I thought this was the same Taylormade chap who made
a video with Mr. Crossfield who endorsed the shaft doesn’t matter campaign.
Now he is giving you this exotic shaft. He must obviously be confused like

Peter Finch Golf says:

Here I travel down to Basingstoke and TaylorMade HQ and get fitted out for
Ashworth clothing! I also invade the tour workshop, discover some R15 smash
time and play with Sergio Garcia’s balls.

Michael Rolton says:

Really enjoyed the video. As cameo Rick would say, amazing, awesome and
autstanding (has to begin with an ‘a’). Thanks for the anorak tour of
TaylorMade, a real insight. I am sure you will look great in the Ashworth
gear. Is this what you meant by ‘smarter goals?’ – a Freudian slip,

P-M Meiners says:

Congratulations with your new sponsor. It’s sad to see that you probably
won’t be independent about clubs in the future any more. I understand it
from your side but I rather see people choose stuff on performance, feel
and looks than being part of the big manufacturers marketing machine, wich
you are part of now.

Johan Klarin says:

Congrats on a great deal. Ashworth makes great classy gear. You will be a
good addition to their brand. 

Scott Little says:

WOW.. I what kitted out in golf gear and get a new driver fitted… life a
bithch ehhh pete lol… great video seeing u in taylormade all excited was
geeat fun.. ps have a great time in orlando… wish I was going 

paul hutchinson says:

Very enlightening insight excellent video. Have an amazing trip in USA some
awesome course vlogs I expect.. Just joined the eagle club yesterday 3 on
hole 6 @ quinta De Ría Portugal awesome course and sea views. You should
come play with Rick do course vlogs in the Sun.


Proud of you bro! Your an inspiration to us youtubers!!!! God bless you
always brother!!!

Golfguy076 says:

Pete changes his driver more often than I change my socks

Alps P says:

Wow amazing congrats on the ashworth deal….you was like a kid in a sweet
shop All those great golf toys

Carl Broadbent says:

Great to see tour career going from strength to strength. Much deserved. 

Danny Worsdale says:

Why don’t you do a video comparing all your drivers to see the one that
performs best?

Matthias Gold says:

go smash the r15 over 350y

superstar10155 says:

Well done Pete!! Can’t wait till the next #mondaynightgolfshow when you and
rick are trying to push ashworth and under armour respectively in front of
the camera lol

Joshua Payne says:

Well deserved Mr. Finch!

Roger Thompson says:

funny video pete, good stuff! enjoy your time in florida :)

Cheifio says:

Well done on the ashworth deal! Really like there stuff, good quality at
very good value. Loving the vids, may have to pop over and have a lesson at
some point if you can fit it in to your celebrity lifestyle.

Han Pye says:

Congratulations!!!! More sponsorships coming soon for you!!! Well

Strat TelePaul says:

Ashworth is definitely good stuff. Congrats. If they ever let me into that
workshop, they would never get me out of there. I would be building and
testing my own clubs 24/7, with endless pizza deliveries. Waiting for some
glue to dry on a reshaft right now.

Richard Brooks says:

you took my comment about new jumpers to heart! Looking fine now….keep
up the great vids…..

Ralphyneil says:

Congratulations Peter
Really enjoyed the vid!

Adam Melvin says:

Congrats on your clothing sponsor. Amazing video as always

Ian Roberts says:

TM HQ !!!! Just realised where I want my next birthday party. !!!!! Very
envious right now. :(

Scorpic13 says:

Get Rick some matching cloths! When you guys do vlogs or meetings with Me
and My golf it would be awesome if you matched as well! 

jenbob0306 says:

Any courses lined up to play in Orlando Peter?

I’m heading out on Tues, planning to play Kissimmee Bay on the Saturday.
maybe Remminton on the Sunday 

H. Acera says:

Excellent video! Congratulations. Your joy was evident because you were
grinning the ENTIRE time. You’ll be looking good in Orlando for sure (with
Naomi’s help…)

MikkyTee says:

Love your enthusiasm Peter, dam cool vid

Fraser 23 says:

Major Congrats on the Ashworth deal, well deserved!

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