TaylorMade R15 Hybrid

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TaylorMade R15 Hybrid reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the R15 from TaylorMade golf and talks about how its new low spin model could help your golf game or not. Getting these golf clubs fit for your game is key to understanding your performance and this review shows you why.

16 thoughts on “TaylorMade R15 Hybrid

  1. It was nice to hear your comment about getting 2 or 3 Hybrids. I’m a new
    golfer and found it hard to hit under a 6 in a way that I could rely on. So
    I’ve ended up with a 3 and 5 Hybrid and they fill the distances I need and
    have given me a lot more consistency than I had. Getting the 5 Hybrid was a
    little humbling though, the guy in the shop asked me if that was actually
    what I was after and then struggled to find the one club they had in a 5.
    It’s helped me enjoy my rounds a lot more and in the end, that’s why I

  2. My hybrid (913 set at 17deg) is my favorite club in the bag, i can smash it
    to rival a three wood, or take some off to replace my 3/4 iron, love it. I
    personally think that there is still a stigma about hybrids, you only use
    one cos you can’t hit your long irons, and i can’t, CONSISTENTLY . But i
    can with me 913h. Ego should have no place in golf, they are out there, use
    em. Cheers Mark

  3. Interesting rational Mark and not a bad club I think. Well I love my 4 iron
    (160 yards) and I love my 20deg 3 hybrid (180 yards) its my 15deg 3 wood i
    am having trouble with, it should be hitting about 200yards to gap to my
    driver but, it is little better than the hybrid. I have no idea why the 3
    wood is so poor but that is my main project this spring, to squeeze an
    extra 20 yards out of my 3 wood. My guess, based on your previous comments
    is that I may just not be strong enough to hit it well, perhaps its not
    launching well enough. Well there is nothing I can do about that, as i get
    older I will get weaker not stronger. We shall just have to see. Has
    anybody else had this trouble? If I cant increase the range I will just
    dump it and have just a driver and hybrid in the bag, which isn’t really a
    big deal as that was my setup when carrying last winter.

  4. I took your advice when you analysed your 4 iron on game golf and switched
    out to a 23 degree hybrid. My hybrids are my favourite clubs in my game and
    I’d never bring a 4iron back now!!! So thankyou for the advice you gave

  5. Hi Mark, cracked me right up with the hybrid comment ‘its a 3 one…’ i get
    loads of these responses working in a pro shop. Just tickled me, also
    bought one of these beauties. Feels more like a driving iron style hybrid
    which works for me. Very versatile as you said, great review 🙂 

  6. I’ve never used that style of hybrid. I wonder if the high toe would be
    more forgiving on strikes near the toe? I currently use one of Adams super
    hybrids which is more of a 5 wood replacement. My 4 iron is still OK, but I
    may have to replace it sooner than layer.

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