TaylorMade R15 Fairway Wood Review

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TaylorMade R15 Fairway Wood Review
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade R15 Fairway Wood Review

See why it went straight in my bag!


jumpmanDOM says:

In the bag over the 915f???

Aidan Mcauley says:

How did one of your shots say 142 mph club head speed and the rest were
between 100-110??

Les Blair says:

Sounds solid but not over the top. 

99johnmatrix says:

Can you review the jpx 850 fairway?

Tad Myers says:

Hey Rick, could you do a video to see witch is farther. The callaway XR or
the Taylormade Aero Burner. I think the callaway will go farther but you do
the best tests.

DaanGolfing says:

lol that club head speed though 160mph on the last one
good job gc2

Eddie Parks says:

this is why i dont trust digital data . your clubhead speed on the last
said 160 mph lol. and then one said 117 mph with a 3 wood. come on.

nazdak9 says:

Nice review. Haven’t tried the FW yet but really liked the R15 hybrid.

Myron Lenenski says:

Your dispersion on the RSI TP 3i was great. You could nestle right up to
the front of the green with that next time.

Nate Foster says:

Could you do some bridgestone clubs reviews? Thanks

SuperDixxxie says:

Gutted…where was the…lets have one more, at the end, where you hit the
middle of the green lol…

sburkeyboy says:

Fair play to you for not editing some of those swings out.
Real testing. 

JAG sixtyfive says:

By the way, can we see a review of the Cobra Fly Z fairways please? Thank

bibilolo78 says:

Not in your bag!
Titleist or nike seems to be better For you

Dylan Davies says:

Not lovin it 915 is the best

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