TaylorMade RSi1 Vs Ping G30

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TaylorMade RSi1 Vs Ping G30
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Peter Mačkay says:

I’m sorry but this “test” doesn’t show anything at all. Too many variables
and too little data to make any conclusions…

USMCKoontz says:

What kind of simulator are you using?

Rhydian Coward says:

Great info to have but kind of irrelevant and RSi is only current this week

Christopher Franklin says:

What do you moaners expect of a 7 minute video? This is an informative and
enjoyable ‘taster’ insight into two different irons which Rick accomplishes
very nicely.
If you want the ultimate and definitive test then go and do it or look
elsewhere and don’t knock the guy’s efforts.

Henry Wyman, Jr. says:

Great video, I am really thinking about upgrading to the RSi2. Would love
to have a game improvement club with semi tour design.

Joe Bag says:

Good vid. How about RSI 1 vs Speedblade? 

Sgt Pepper says:

Good 2c u were the 1st 2 do a comparison on these clubs #orignal :)

zdenekdvc says:

Please compare the RSi1 (slots) to the Mizuno JPX 850 (power frame).. same
idea but different tech. THANKS

Carlos Riaño says:

Would have been a good comparisson had you made more than one shot. Let say
hit 5 toe strikes with each and check averages

Brian Frith says:

I have the Anser Driver and I really like it .It was nice to hear a
comparison between g25 and g30 irons thanks brian

metamurph says:

like that overall, it is getting more to a meaningful thing and that idea
of a Par 3 carry over water, while virtual puts it in perspective. 

Ben Norris says:

Good stuff. Seems like a big takeaway here is that it really comes down to
brand loyalty and personal preference because both clubs seem to perform
very well on toe strikes. Guess it depends on whose name you want stamped
on your irons.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Head to Head
TaylorMade RSi1 Vs Ping G30

10syver says:

Great video Rick. Can you do Rsi 1 vs Nike Vrs Covert 2.0? I would also
like to see you do a review on the Ping Karsten in the “forgiving” class,
maybe even a tournament style “most forgiving clubs” review if you can find
the time. Keep up the great vids!

Gary Sherwin says:

Bore off John Doe. It isn’t supposed to be a scientific test. How often do
you compare smash factor (whatever the hell that is) when you mishit shots
on the course? Keep up the good work Rick, love it

Michael Rolton says:

Love the new software and the new comparative style. Please keep the videos

GENO Dboy says:

+RickShielsPGAGolf just for fun can you do rsi verse callaway big bert
irons in the same test

Philip Smith says:

Rick, much better review seeing the balll being hit into a green. Cheers

Tuscan76 says:

Great vid Rick – good shout using an actual hole and the Foresight data –
really useful! 

Jerald Jowers says:

Would like to see the numbers with the new mizuno and taylormade rs2.

TheGolfdaily says:

Great video. Very informative!

unyanat says:

Please make compare between SpeedBlade vs RSi1 or SLDR Iron vs RSi1

steve kemlo says:

Are the lofts on both clubs the same ?

nova68nova says:

Hope to see RSI2 vs. I25

Vici Martynov says:

Well it shows that these two hot faced cavity backs are about the same – is
that a surprise – its why you buy them – they lack accuracy (even the TM
robot in their promotional material didn’t hit the RSi iron straight off
centre) but they give good distance – its your choice – do you want a lot
of help or do you want more precision – you pay your money understanding
that and you wont be disappointed – more interesting, given the lack of
advantage of the speed slot, will be how well it will wear; something Ping
users wont be worrying about – something tells me it wont be so effective
if there are holes in the club face ;-)

chamilitary999 says:

You should’ve done more test, at least 5 to have a fair comparaison on my
opinion, does the g30 feel less heavy than the RSi ?? RSi :93mph / G30 :
100 mph ?

Very nice smash factor on your 2 last shots, 1.45 with a 7 iron is perfect


Those club head speed numbers are quite crazy.
Sometime 83,than 90, than nothing at all. So what’s up with that
That makes the ball go further or shorter too on mishits.

hawkey100 says:

Please can you do a Taylormade RS12 VS Titleist AP2 714 asap

Andy On the Range says:

Rather than use face tape, could you not use foot spray powder to show the

Andy M says:

You always remind me of Samir Nasri Rick.

gbvoul says:

face slots meaning grooves?

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