TennisMate – TeeMate Training Aid Review and Demo

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Dorian McCloud says:

Seems that the product is failed as it's not availible.

Paul Burton says:

Hi there thanks for the demo, is the device robust enough to take several hits and sessions from adults who are wanting to let rip properly on it ?
Does it move or would the balls perish with big hitting

Paul Burton says:

Hi there Thanks for the demo, is it robust enough to take several sessions and the hits of adults?
I mean can you let rip on it without breaking the balls or moving it physically?

Felipe Oyarse says:

Seems like a great teaching device! because you can adjust the height and it seems very easy to put away.

jaime cura says:

Is this available at AMAZON?

Blair Strange says:

Awesome review, D!

jernej kuzman says:

still think you can learn better by playng normaly.

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