Testing a full set of Eleven Hybrid Irons PW – 3H

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28 thoughts on “Testing a full set of Eleven Hybrid Irons PW – 3H

  1. Thanks Andy for reviewing these clubs. After watching this video I decided to try them out. I purchased a 6 iron before christmas but only got it hit it today. It lived up to all my expectations. I am now considering completing the set all the way to PW. Thanks again. Love your videos. BTW: I play off between 0 – 2, so these are not just for high handicappers!

  2. Great review, I already have 3.4, and 5 hydrids which are definitely easier and slightly longer than the regular Cleveland clubs that I have! Thank you!

  3. I have been playing Eleven hybrid irons for a little over a year. As an older senior (76), these clubs allow me to hit the ball about the same distance as I did 10 years ago and my index went from 13.1 down to 10.8. My Eleven set is 5-PW my 4 hybrid is Callaway Super 20* and my 2 hybrid is a custom club with 16*. I do not carry any fairway woods. I do carry two other hybrid wedges 50 and 56 degrees and a Slippery Frog which is essentially a 16 degree 3 wood with a putter shaft which I putt with from off the green. And of course I carry a driver and a putter. I highly recommend the eleven hybrid irons for seniors who have lost distance with their irons.

  4. I have a set but I made a bit of a major error when it came to flex strength. I went for the senior flex because I have a Cleveland 5 hybrid with that flex and it plays beautifully well.
    So the problem I am having is I find the elevens going right of my target with my regular swing, can you give me any tips or do I need to send them back to get refitted?

  5. My 2 cents worth. I learned with conventional irons. I didn't see much improvement in my game. I became a fan of DeChambeau and the single plane/single length iron philosophy. It just makes sense. I began looking for a single length set of irons that were affordable and I found a set in a pawn shop. IT WAS AN ALL HYBRID SET! My mind was blown. Hit every club the same swing every time just using what I would have used with my conventional irons. My game improved immediately. I was more confident as I set up and swung exactly the same every swing (except out of the bunker and with my driver). My scores are waaaaay down. I encourage anyone struggling with their game to go the all hybrid route. Even more so the all single length, all hybrid route. BTW. 5 hybrid through Sand Wedge set? $395 US Dollars! Best deal ever for me. Retail on my clubs? 1,100 US dollars. Check ebay. Check pawn shops. I will never go back to standard length, conventional irons. Check out Kirk Junge on Youtube for single plane lessons. Brilliant.

  6. I’ve had this set off eleven hybrid irons for 6 weeks got because off knee injury they are amazing so easy to hit agree round the green can come off face hot but I use a Cleveland CBX gap sand and lob so covered for all shots around green I use the 7 hybrid though for bump and run shots which works very well another great video loads of information ????

  7. what about chipping from tight lines and sand traps? How do you chip them over obstructions when normally you would take a standard club and open the face? You can't open a hybrid and slide the club under the ball like with a blade. I use hybrids but still carry a gap and sand wedge for these situations.

  8. I bought the 7 hybrid in the Eleven, I was blown away by how easy they were to hit. There were so straight I couldn’t miss the green down at the range. Going to try it out on the golf club at the weekend. I’m tempted to buy a full set, can hear the boys at the golf club now giving me banter. I have the LAB 2.1 Putter so I’m used to going for the strange golf clubs. Watch this space

  9. Nice review, unbiased and clear. I hit low bullets that don’t hold greens and I am seriously looking at a few of these in the low end of the bag. Shame they don’t have representation in the southern hemisphere- shipping is almost a whole club worth ????

  10. One thing I noticed in the club(head)s was how far forward the face is relative to the shaft, (especially noticeable in the shorter clubs). IMHO the design would be better if the face was more aligned with the shaft, as in a good iron – might make them much more comfortable at address and consequently more desirable and playable.

  11. Are you going to review the Eleven Elite Blaster 64 wedge at anypoint would love to see how that works out of various lies especially wet bunkers etc ????

  12. Loved your review–honest and to the point as always. I play Cleveland Launcher XL HALO hybrid irons 4 thru SW and love them. At 73 years of age and with a reduced swing speed, these clubs have brought back the fun to this game we all love.

  13. I play with Callaway Big Bertha hybrids 4 to 7 but being left handed I can’t get an 8 or 9 which is a shame as they produce them for right handed players.

  14. I bought 3-7 hybrids after Callaway introduced their XR 16 range, and they marketed that irons and hybrids were interchangeable. I absolutely love using them.

  15. I really like the new style of content Andy and thanks for including shot tracer ???? A full set would not be for me because i love my wedges and 7 and 8 irons. One question is, how does a 3 or 4 hybrid compare to the more expensive hybrids e.g Stealth? These elevens seem to be incredible value for money!

  16. I used to play a lot of golf with my wife who was a very consistent mid 80’s player. She was a great fairway wood player but was completely flummoxed by irons. She would love these and lower her scores for sure. There’s a market for this type of club.

  17. I play cobra one length 3,4,5 hybrids and they make golf easier for me.
    I always hit my 7 iron through sand wedge well so now that's all I play.
    Start your hybrids where you need them.

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