Golf Hybrid Explained – What should I use?

Golf hybrids are a hot topic right now. If you've been thinking about buying one, this video is for you!

Here I'll give an overview of what they do and the best type to use in different situations.–rescue-irons/

And if you have any other questions, hit me up on social media or leave them in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “Golf Hybrid Explained – What should I use?

  1. Im sold on hybrids. As I have gotten older, my dustances have decreased using standard irons so I have slowly gravitated to hybrids 3 iron thru PW. They have made golf much more fun

  2. High handicapper
    here :
    After 3 wood 5 wood ( no driver)!
    Its then all about my
    – Adams pro 4 hybrid and Mizuno JPX 6 hybrid.
    Above are essential for me – as Mark says extra launch is what it is all about !
    After that it's my irons 8 and PW SW and putter- yes its a 1/2 set ?!
    Try hybrids they are easy and fun and go high and far !

  3. I know you bag 2 hybrids. What are your thoughts on dropping one of them for a 5 Wood? Any of you more experienced golfers feel free to help me out here. Trying to understand more before I add clubs to my iron set (5 through 9 + PW and SW, no other wedges)

  4. So as a beginner which Hybrid (hybrids) should i be looking at having. I have a Driver and 7,8,9 PW, SW. Im green as and bought all my clubs by watching Youtube.

  5. 20 handicap…I have a Callaway XR hybrid set 4 and 5 hybrid…6 thur AW. Recently purchased TaylorMade Stealth Irons 5 thur AW. Big mistake! Keeping the Callaway Hybrids with the Stealth irons. What hybrid would replace the 5 iron?

  6. More hybrids = more fun for this 12 handicap. My shallow attack angle has always lead to consistent ball striking with hybrids. I replaced 3 thru 5 irons seven seasons ago. The jacked up lofts of my Callaway Mavrik & increased age lead to inconsistency with mid irons. I replaced those with super game improvement hybrid iron replacements. Wedge is my first traditional iron. My approach shots are higher, straighter, longer, & more consistent. Shots from the rough are easier to advance. I get razzed about my mis-matched gamers but I’m at peace with it. I like to think I’m progressive & ahead of the trend curve. I’d rather shoot 78 with my hybrids then 95 with sleek players clubs. I enjoy the game more when I have confidence in my ball striking. If a player is more confident with a large hybrid profile & has average or below swing speed, give it a try for a season. Pre-owned hybrids are inexpensive so it’s a low financial risk.

  7. What an excellent breakdown Mark and some great advice too. I find about the same thing. I leave off at my 7 iron and have a 27 degree hybrid that I can use to replace the 7 and also get me to the same 18 degree Cleveland 3+ you are using….which is a very versatile club. I bought at your recommendation btw. Older video but still very relevant.

  8. Really love the advice here, it’s really making me want to pull the trigger on another hybrid, but wanted to get your thoughts.

    Currently, I’m playing with Callaway Maveriks, and I have my Driver (10.5), 3 Wood (15), 3 Hybrid (19) and then I’ve been playing without my 5 Iron (23) and starting my irons at 6 (26). The rest of my irons fall in intervals of 4 degrees.

    I’ve been looking at the Rogue series, specifically the ST Max 6H (26) or a ST Max OS 5H (24). On paper, would you recommend either or a different degree as I wrap my head around what I should be trying out?

  9. Great explanation thank you, I'm looking at the TSR1 hybrid today, idk I've seen so many review on this line and it's gotten so many positive reviews for that slower swing speed, a little bigger profile and lighter on weight, the only think I'm not sure of is that there saying the shafts are cut longer on this TSR1 line and not sure I like that, anyway I'll give it a few looks and make take that half inch off lenth , thanks Mark great content

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