Testing the new #Costco Kirkland Signature Irons!

It's Bill, it's Kris, and it's Grant! The guys got together at Five Iron Golf to test out the hottest iron of the season, the #Kirkland Signature Irons!

Bill has the specs for you from head to shaft to grip and Grant and Kris give their thoughts on the irons after playing a little nine-hole scramble.

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You can Bill's full review here: https://drivingrangeheroes.com/costco-kirkland-signature-irons-review/

4 thoughts on “Testing the new #Costco Kirkland Signature Irons!

  1. I just can't handle the KIRKLAND font. Otherwise, love "That Range Life" and am excited to start my journey with your sponsors BX golf ball. Request: Can you review the Kirkland Granulated Garlic next?! ????

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