The #1 MOST IMPORTANT Driving Tip For Golf ?️‍♂️

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Want to learn how to drive the golf ball like a pro?

“If you can't drive, you can't play” – if you can't get off the tee, you're really going to struggle .

in this video, we're going to share with you the #1 MOST IMPORTANT tips when it comes to driving the ball.

21 thoughts on “The #1 MOST IMPORTANT Driving Tip For Golf ?️‍♂️

  1. This is great stuff…I used to be a downward angle of attack guy. In my efforts to get an upward angle, I’m flipping my wrists through impact and getting way too much height on my driver. I’m guessing that in each of the 5 swings with different angles of attack didn’t have dramatically different dynamic loft angles? Looks like he wasn’t flipping the club ahead of the shaft to get that upward attack, but just pushing the hands up, no?

  2. I'm curious, was the pro trying to change his angle of attack by a degree on each successive swing (seems crazy to be able to do that), or were those changes in angle of attack just the difference between his swings without any intent, and you were just depicting how there is no real change is body position or swing to attain the different angles? I hope I asked that with enough clarity for my question to be understood. Thanks guys!

  3. Sorry, but I disagree. As a high handicapper in my 70s, I want more accuracy with my driver, not more distance. The same applies to the men I play with, but even more so. I agree that steering the ball is no good at all, but I would like to know how to achieve much more dependability with the driver.

  4. Seeing the model with nearly square shoulders at impact is telling to me. I realized my slice is caused by spinning out and leaving the face wide open at impact.

  5. Bill Skelley. U guys keep nailing it. I'm playing the best golf of my life thanks 2 you. Recommend u fellows daily as u are the best. I have had the pleasure of helping my 65 year old beginner wife to consistently hit the sweet spot. Wow!

  6. It would be interesting to see the Center pelvic move, side by side, top view and from the behind view. To illustrate see “the squat move.” Or do pros actually squat?

  7. This is so helpful! I’ve been looking around for this information and you guys are the only one who demonstrate this. Now I know how to really swing at the ball! This is the missing information in all golf instructions out there! I have a question: Is this also applicable to fairway woods?

  8. First time viewer "John, Hip rotation".
    Interesting. Can you tell me what image he used? You say he tried to feel as though he was rotating around from the center of his hips
    instead of his original "pull the right side of his hip around". Can you share what image he used accompanying the "feeling" of rotation from the center of his hips?

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