The 10 Best British F1 Drivers Of All Time

With the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix taking place at Silverstone this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at some of the greatest F1 drivers to ever come out of Great Britain.

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22 thoughts on “The 10 Best British F1 Drivers Of All Time

  1. How the fuck is eyesbrows above Jackie and Damon dad .Stewart like I'm sorry .

    He on same level as Damon since should be Lewis , Jackie , Jim c, ,Grantham hill, stealing moss, Damon ,manses , James hunt , button, bc

  2. It is very difficult to compare different drivers from different eras in different cars. In my opinion the best way is to look at how they compare with team mates and how they are compared to other drivers of their era. Given this, I'm quite surprised by the result. Clark was the completely dominant driver of his era. While Mansel was a great driver, I don't think anyone ranks him ahead of Prost and Senna. As for Hamilton, bear in mind that, despite being Ron Dennis' favourite at McLaren, Button came in and out performed him. He was also outraced in the 2016 championship by Rosberg (and nobody is queueing up to call Nico a great driver).

  3. 3:24 minutes in on Graham Hill section you show pictures of Graham and Mike Spence instead of Jim Clark
    Really surprised this wasn't caught in editing what was a very well produced and edited piece

  4. Damon above Graham, Clark No4?!?! Did you just pull names out of a hat for this list and who put the clips together Stevie Wonder ????????????

  5. I believe one of the greatest British drivers never actually drove in F1, having turned down a seat as BMW test driver. Indy Car Champion and twice Indy 500 winner, the late Dan Wheldon.

    Sadly we lost Dan in the catch-fencing of the Las Vegas Speedway in October 2011.

  6. I wouldn't normally comment, but as the captain seem to say Jim Clark had one won one title I will. Are we really saying DC is better than James Hunt, come on!! Damon is better than his father, really!! Jim Clark is way out in front, followed by Jackie Stewart and Moss. Why, numbers if races and the low mortality rate in modern F1.

  7. Some people don't seem to understand the part about this list being based on GP Victories and nothing else. Also Jim Clark's on screen stats are that of Damon Hill. Clark won 25 and was on Pole 33 times. He also won 2 championships. ????

  8. CLARIFICATION. The audio is fine, but I’m afraid the video needed to be watched by the editor before being released. Very embarrassing mistakes in this piece. Made by someone not very knowledgeable about F1 I’m afraid. ☹️????????

  9. I would Jim Clark as no. 2 in that he won 34% of his races equal to that of Lewis Hamilton. Because there were less races in a season in the past, I think percentages make a better comparison.

  10. Autosport I notice quite a few editing errors in your videos of late. You just mistook Piquet for Prost in this one. You've had editing errors in past videos of driver standings. You also mislabel Jim Clark at 3:25, that's not Jim Clark. As a professional sports journalism channel I would expect you to do a lot better.

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