Formula 1 Driver Wins Ranking 1950-2019

In the video, the team name is also listed under the individual name, but only the team that has won has been listed. The machine is also matched to the team's color as much as possible, but I'm sorry if there is a mistake. Please note that the machine is handmade by my own.
It includes the Indy 500 race, but at the time it seemed to have been recognized as an F1 race.
The fight between Alain Prost, Senna and Mansell is hot.
I think Michael Schumacher got stronger because of his rival Damon Hill. Recently, it is likely that Lewis Hamilton will work hard to break the Schumacher record.
The Ferrari team is strong as a team. The rest are Ford and McLaren.

Moss won 16 GPS not 15
1982/1983 Change Patrick Daniel to Patrick Daniel Tambay. In the next and subsequent videos

The picture of Jean-Pierre Alain Jabouille, who won the French GP in 1979 and 1981, was a mistake.

▼Driver list▼
Jacques Villeneuve
Jack Brabham
Jacque Laffite
Charles Leclerc
Jean-Pierre Jabouille
Jean-Pierre Beltoise
Jean Alesi
Giancarlo Baghetti
Giancarlo Fisichella
Giuseppe Farina
Jo Siffert
Jody Scheckter
Johnnie Parsons
John Herbert
John Surtees
John Watson
Gilles Villeneuve
Stirling Moss
Sebastian Vettel
Daniel Ricciardo
Dan Gurney
Thierry Boutsen
Didier Pironi
Ayrton Senna
Alan Jones
Alain Prost
Alberto Ascari
Alessandro Nannini
Innes Ireland
Vittorio Brambilla
Wolfgang von Trips
Edmund Irvine
Emerson Fittipaldi
Elio de Angelis
Olivier Denis Panis
Carlos Pace
Carlos Reutemann
Kimi Raikkonen
Graham Hill
Clay Regazzoni
Gunner Nilsson
Keke Rosberg
Gerhard Berger
Sam Hanks
James Hunt
Jenson Button
Jimmy Bryan
Jim Clark
Jim Rathmann
Jacques Ickx
Jackie Stewart
Damon Hill
Denis Hulme
David Coulthard
Tony Brooks
Troy Ruttman
Nigel Mansell
Niki Lauda
Nico Rosberg
Nelson Piquet
Heinz-Harald Frentzen
Pastor Maldonado
Pat Flaherty
Patrick Daniel
Patrick Depailler
Valtteri Bottas
Peter Gethin
Peter Collins
Peter Revson
Piero Taruffi
Bill Vukovich
Juan Pablo Montoya
Juan Manuel Fangio
Phil Hill
Felipe Massa
Fernando Alonso
François Cévert
Bruce McLaren
Froilan Gonzalez
Heikki Kovalainen
Pedro Rodríguez
Bob Sweikert
Mark Webber
Michael Hawthorn
Max Verstappen
Mario Andretti
Mika Hakkinen
Michele Alboreto
Michael Schumacher
Maurice Trintignant
Jarno Trulli
Joakim Bonnier
Jochen Mass
Jochen Rindt
Ralf Schumacher
Lee Wallard
Riccardo Patrese
Richie Ginther
Luigi Musso
Lewis Hamilton
Rubens Barrichello
Ludovico Scarfiotti 
René Arnoux
Roger Ward
Ronnie Peterson
Robert Kubica
Lorenzo Bandini



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20 thoughts on “Formula 1 Driver Wins Ranking 1950-2019

  1. If you think about it, there are Teams that are not with us anymore. Big brands but also small private teams. Its natural for us they are just gone. But could you imagine RB or Merc being gone in 5 years? Tyrrell, Brabham, both were good teams. Gone, like for ever. From winning Races/WCs to just dissapearing. Its.. scary to some point.

    Same goes for tracks. WHO in their mind would belive you back in 1998-2005: Yo, the german GP will be gone in a few years. Yeah, ofc, with Schumacher and then Vettel being 2 of the Top 3 drivers of all time…

  2. Senna won 1988 title against Prost being as a newcomer and a 2nd driver at the team. At that time Prost was number one in the sport as he had just passed Jackie Stewart for most wins ever. No other driver did that. Jaques Villeneuve came close in 1996, but Hill was not the greatest and not even a champion at the time. Lewis Hamilton came close in 2007, but Alonso also was a newcomer to the team and was not established himself like Prost was (5th year with McLaren). Kimi Raikonen won in 2007, but also Masa was not the greatest driver at the time.
    Prost himself almost did it in 1984 against Lauda. But I don't think that Lauda was at his greatest in early 80's, certainly not as great as Prost was before 1988.
    So Senna did something that nobody else has done.

  3. Ayrton Senna should have 44 wins:
    1984 Monaco. Raced was unnecessary stopped too early to give the win to Prost which ultimately cost Prost the championship (full points and 2nd place would give the championship to Prost).
    1989 Suzuka. Senna finished the race first.
    1991 Suzuka. Senna willingly let Berger by at the finish line. It was Sennas victory and no real victory for Berger. Just a friendly gesture, but by statistics the win should be counted towards Senna.

  4. This shit is useless, it's like the woke participation awards. Try stacking drivers wins against their opponents, Prost vs Senna either driver's win are more because of who they raced.

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