The 148th Open – Round 2 Full Highlights

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Orcinus1967 says:

How good was Kisner's putt! Highlight of the day.

Md. Tarekul says:

Best golf push carts here(winner: Jun 2019)L

MahanFan1 says:

Is the PGA Tour editing this garbage?

Natedoc808 says:

Wait, if Aphibarnrat is 3+ and is shown to have made the cut, then how did Rory not make it at 2+ total?

Steve Don says:

Cam Smith!!!!!!

webincome income says:

9 minutes and hundreds of feet of puts sunk. Did anyone actually hit the ball in round two or was it simply a putting contest? Boring as heck.

rdg rdg says:

americans watch and listen to the crowd this is how you behave at a golf tournament not hard is it

Michael Buhagiar says:

Pathetic highlights. 90% putts. Laziness, in my opinion.

Tonia Han says:

All Good players but another bad highlight, golf not just have putting… Com'on.

Jerry Adams says:

Nice course, thanks. ?⛳⛳?

Ben Hulme says:

Holy shit how many times do these editors need to be told no one is interest in seeing 10 mins of putts

Conor Geoghegan says:

All this was is putting highlights

Dexter Haven says:

You guys show too many putts. Not enough approach shots.

david graham says:

Exactly, not enough highlights of shots out with the green!

Randy Brown says:

Putting. Putting. Putting. Putting. Putting.

Got a clue yet?

Ian Ashton says:

Putnam shoots 4 under to come joint 8th (with Spieth and Koepka). Not one mention or highlight. I hope he repeats last Sunday’s performance (62 at Scottish Open) and embarrasses the BBC editing snobs…

Samuel says:

Not a single approach shot or scramble from JB Holmes…

bowdsbowds says:

could you fit a couple of more putts in there? Lacking.

BriansThing says:

So many players in great form! Can't wait to see who triumphs on Sunday!

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