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In this golf instruction video you'll learn the three main reasons you're still not improving at golf and learn how to actually make big changes and start shooting in the 70s!

It's important that you learn how to practice golf, that means practicing the way your brain actually learns new movement patterns.

Then you need to understand the physics that are at work in any golf swing, they forces are tremendous!

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16 thoughts on “THE 3 Reasons You’re Not Improving at Golf

  1. Honestly, I find the key is to spend at least 1 minute of thinking per shot. It's not a miracle but critical thinking can turn someone from a bogey golfer to a every other shot is par golfer with some extra bogeys here and their golfer.

  2. "The 3rd reason you're not improving is because you're always searching for some new random tip" or insight ……………..that's correct buddy, that's why me and 61,000 and counting turned to your video. So for us to start to actually improve in golf, according to you we should have ignored your video in the first place……….Love the irony.

  3. 4:05 on is pure gold. The secret to golf is there is no secret. You have to work at it. I didn't break 3 hours in the marathon looking at You Tube videos. I had to put in the miles on good and sucky days.

    Golf is no different and dare I say harder. I just put the miles in, I got better. If I practice incorrectly in golf, it does no good. A great video.

  4. Chuck, what are your thoughts on the "new" teachings of lifting the lead foot to generate more shoulder a la Bubba Watson? Chamblee, Kostis and others are saying that it'll produce less strain on the back, although I'm not sure how the average golfer can produce consistent shots doing that.

  5. Thank you so much. I found these advices from your team soooo valuable. So much enjoy experimenting through them. I can feel the light of happy and successful golf game, finally… Thank again from Thailand….

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