Caddyshack Reviewed by Christopher Null on Feb 1 2005

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Reviewed by Christopher Null on Feb 1 2005
DVD Release Date: February 3, 2004
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No, they don't make 'em like this any more. Now you just can't make jokes about guys eating boogers and turdlike objects floating in the swimming pool — not unless you want the FCC coming down on your ass! The absurd humor of Caddyshack is legend enough to merit little additional comment from me, but it's notable for featuring Chevy Chase in one of his most sophisticated roles — but his deadpan dialogue is only the second-most quotable in the movie, after Bill Murray's infamous Carl Spackler, one of Murray's most ridiculous roles on film. The plot wanders around the golf course and involves a half-dozen elements, but if you simply dig the gopher, the caddy, and the Dangerfield, you're not going to be doing half bad.

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