What are there 5 biggest mistakes i see mid handicap golfers make when buying golf clubs? This could be costing you money and adding shots onto your score through having the wrong equipment DON'T BUY the wrong golf clubs!

It can be very expensive and there are so many easy mistake that you will be making, I hope this guide to the pitfalls of buying golf clubs helps you make an informed decision. Alex Elliott golf talks through the most common mistakes made when buying NEW golf clubs and buying second hand golf clubs!

There are so many drivers out there and brands too! Taylormade, callaway Golf, Cobra Golf, PXG Golf just to name a few! Stealth 2 Driver, Callaway Paradym, Cobra AiroJet driver and Titleist Drivers of 2023 but what is the best? When buying new drivers, buying new irons, buying new wedges or even a new putter you can easily fall into a huge mistake so lets show you THE 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES MID HANDICAP GOLFERS MADE WHEN BUYING GOLF CLUBS…

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  1. I personally chose to adapt to my clubs. It motivates me to keep practicing until I can master clubs that are considered “less forgiving”. For me it seems like the only way to improve, and it’s pretty satisfying playing a decent round. But to each their own!

  2. When I started playing there were no game improvement clubs. Karsten Solheim brought out the Karsten 1's and they were revolutionary. Club design has taken massive strides forward, yet golfing standards haven't kept pace. Why do you think this is?

  3. Hello from Oregon, home of Nike! I agree what your saying. I would also like to include premium golf balls at $45 a dozen. That's a no brainer for me LOL. I use a forgiving off brand myself. Thank you for the video, new sub!

  4. Very good video that all golfers in the mid range should watch. My favorite places to buy for used clubs is Pro Clubs in Phoenix and my local PGA Superstore. Very good return policies. Two things I would never buy new are cars and golf clubs.

  5. Shaft flex is probably the biggest ???? in golf clubs. Manufacturers do not all have the same flex in their shafts. One companies "S" flex might be another's "R" flex. Some shafts that are in one club may not "feel" the same in another club. Also, I saw where a poster was talking swing weight on irons. Graphite shafted clubs will be lighter swing weight at the same length as a steel shaft unless the graphite shaft has been made to swing weight more like steel. Also, on an iron to get the swing weight higher a club maker person may put weight in the tip on the shaft. Now, this is probably debatable but think how the clubhead was designed. With weight at the tip of the shaft that puts the added weight higher and toward the heel above and to the inside of the CG of the head.

  6. It depends on what your goals are. If your goal is to just be an average weekend golfer who wants nothing but to keep up and maybe beat his buddy at golf here and there then yes you need more forgiving clubs. However, if your goal is to improve your game to the point that you become a pro or close to it, you need to learn with the thin blades and low loft less forgiving woods. If you don't practice with them, you won't get better at them. Then when you eventually get to that level there is a big learning curve with a new set of clubs while you are trying to compete instead of when you weren't good enough for anyone to notice.

  7. I am a clubfitter and except for the 2nd hand advice ( we don't sell 2nd hand ) you're telling exactly what my advice is to my clients . Another mistake often made is choosing steel shafts when someone has problems with joints back etc. and not going for graphite because the average golfer thinks they are too whippy not knowing that the flex has nothing to do with the material.

    As for putters , I think 90% of all golfers should play with some form of Mallet , but never go for a putter you hate to look at , so many different mallets there's bound to be one you like looking at and feels good.

  8. I tried the Paradym Driver, and it felt insane. BUT it is very expensive and I wouldn't have been able to afford it until a month into the 2023 season, so I have decided to get the Callaway ROGUE ST MAX irons and driver so I can have them when the season starts or just after it starts. I have also looked into the PING G430 irons and driver. My handicap is 13-15. Any thoughts or advice on which clubs I should choose?

  9. Well, in my opinion, this advice only applies to those who are not improving their swing/hit technique and are happy where they are. If you are like me, changing, trying to improve, trying different swing/hit techniques it's going to be very expensive to get fitted every time. Learn to use the tools you have instead of trying new ones.

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