The 60, 60, 100 Drill – Incredible Results For Irons and Driver

How many times have you played golf and your iron game has been on but your driver was poor, or visa versa?

It's incredibly hard to get both firing at the same time, but thats exactly what I managed to do for a recent client of mine.

The 60, 60, 100 drill is incredibly easy to do and one which can be taken straight to the course as it gives such incredible results!

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00:00 Video Intro
01:01 Context to the drill
02:15 The 60 60 100 drill
06:32 Using the driver
08:59 Swing with Driver

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30 thoughts on “The 60, 60, 100 Drill – Incredible Results For Irons and Driver

  1. The backswing causes the center of mass of the body-club system to shift to the trail side automatically. Shifting that center of mass forward and pulling the club down on plane is what initiates a good downswing.

  2. Hi Chris, some of your older drills have really helped me with being more centered in the swing (after years of swaying) but this idea may finish the job completely as I just tried it – thanks!

  3. This is nuts.
    For about 20 years, I have taken countless lessons, from golftec to So call master pga teaching pros.
    They ask you to hit balls, and I got the same, what is wrong with it.
    I would reply, I have no idea how I hit that ball.
    They would set me up move my body and say, this is all you need.
    I will say, how do I get to this position, no one has ever answered on a way that made sense to me.

    Last month I say, ok let me restart from scratch
    I found out, I was not ever thought properly how to bend from the hips while keeping the upper nice and straight, I would do it, my legs would go back and that made my brain believe I had bend from the hips, I kept looking, I stumble on here, I found a video, almost got it, then I knew I was not understanding something.
    Until I look at videos from the 1900 and on, and all actually use the legs as a pivot to bend from the hips, the legs stays straight while bending from the hips then relax then, came back here, saw the video put that together very quickly.
    Next, was the aha moment, I was told to keep my forward bend all along, I was about to give up, until on the video he explain the forward bend gets replaces.
    I shot a 72 on Saturday, no mulligans I never used those.
    So thank you, the next thing I’m working on is getting rid of the , cow webs, you know turn the hips first or turn the upper first, go with the arms first., I have been doing that for so long it would take a second to get rid of then.

    Thanks for the videos, wow,,

  4. Good video. So, with right hand driver I was not clear.
    You start with 50, 50.
    Then I see more on right leg. % wise, how much weight on right leg on way up then starting the down swing and before empact and then finally the finish?
    Others say more on right leg at setup 70%, 90% at down transfer until empact and the 100 at lead to finish.
    Which is which?

  5. It literally sounded like I was your student! Exactly what I have an issue with is loading 100% on my back leg and getting stuck! Driver is great bc I can hit up and push off but irons are always low on the club face!

  6. Fantastic iron player..beautiful shoots long and right on target..but once the driver comes into play ..the trouble starts..280 on one hole 210 on the next..but add 3 wood ..I would bet the average golfer..need help on the driver badly..thanks

  7. Isnt this a little bit of stack and tilt method? I played some amazing golf using stack and tilt but got away from it because alot of people deemed it flawed and incorrect methods

  8. When was this filmed? I see golfers in the background – so presumably a while ago, given the current lockdown.
    Keeping my weight forward was one of the best tips I ever learned. That, matched with rotating the left hip – not 'posting' it – changed my game.

  9. I think this drill has improved my consistency. It reduced the shift to my back (right) foot and increased the rotation around an axis along my left side. Thanks for this useful video!

  10. I carry a little book in my golf bag with notes of things that help in the middle of a round. And when my irons start to get bad, this is the first thing I do and it absolutely helps immediately. I never saw a drill for it before. I always called it post up on my left. And the next check on the list is stay seated on the edge of my stool so I don’t lunge at the ball. These things work for me, especially towards the end of the round. So good video.

  11. I am 16 handicapper and my iron game has always been very good I get compared to my brother a lot who is a 6 handicap, but my driver is honestly worst than a beginner and I always struggle off the tee to the point where I was hitting 3 iron off every tee to get it in play lol

  12. Deffinetly a better iron player. Still play a 2 iron thats been bent strong. I feel I can hit any shot with it. Fairway or tee. Now driver…thats another story lol

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