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The BEST Driver of 2022… UNEXPECTED?!The BEST “SECRET” Driver of 2022… For $150!? When buying a new driver we always want the biggest and best golf clubs… when buying a Taylormade driver we think we want the expensive Taylormade Stealth driver, buying a new Ping driver you want the PING G435 Driver, Titleist you want the Titleist TSR driver… and Callaway you want the Callaway Rogue St Max driver being the top of the run driver for 2022… but what about the cheaper budget drivers? in this video I take a look a the rental clubs at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club… a full set of Callaway Rogue golf clubs except the driver which is a Callaway driver not many people have seen or hit… never mind bought! let's find out… and let's do it now!


Daniel Ridener says:

What hat is he wearing? I like the logo.

P C says:

Hole a 20 footer on the first par 3? Are you delusional? That was like 10-12 feet… Good putt, but cmon.

Elwab says:

I picked up the XR Speed earlier this year from Callaway's own Pre-owned site. It was in the 'Good' condition bracket, below Very Good and Like New, but it really was like new, not a mark on it! Paid £102 for it, but saw it in the black Friday sales for around £65! It is, however, the version without the weight on it, and it makes a ridiculously loud sound when striking the ball!

mallrat11 says:

I owned the one without the weight for a while but sold it to help fund a reissue of the original rogue driver. I still game the xr 16 head bit this xr speed had the worst sound of any driver I've ever hit. It was very loud and tinny sounding and did not out perform my xr 16

Eric Wiese says:

We need more videos from you. Love it, but……
Please, please, please, please, when using the shot tracker, put the camera on a tripod or have the camera operator remain absolutely still until the ball has hit the ground. It’s just a bit annoying when you say “how well this driver keeps the ball in the fairway “, but the track line is moving.

keghan booth says:

I play that putter but with a super stroke flatso 3.0 grip and it's amazing love it.

Neil Kimmance says:

8th off the black tees at the Dubai Creek, 5th hole at Al Zorah, 7th at the Ranches the 17th Faldo are all super tough.

Gary Davis says:

Jamie is like Ed McMahon: whatever JRob says, Jamie offers a resounding, “Yes!” 😂

SoapyD says:

Time to bite the bullet and switch to a callaway driver.

James Kilgallon says:

We watch because your very good at what you do James…thank you

Trey Ebert says:

The one without the weight is pretty accurate but the one with the weight is great.

Grigoris Amvrazis says:

I own the xr speed. It's just not worth the 134 pounds. The most loud and unreliable driver I've ever owned. Just shite…

Tom Arthurs says:

I use the XR Speed Driver, got it for around £145 brand new 2 years ago. Hard to get bargains when you are a L/H player.

AsianVideoGamer says:

You not watching World Cup but the derby???

Tommie Thatcher says:

Great looking golf course and awesome rental clubs

spectre205 says:

One of the hallmarks of the James Robinson Golf experience: James pipes a drive and talks about it flying straight down the middle, while the camera pans around and the shot tracer snaps off into the sea. 😉

Roy Close says:

Well done James 👏

Roy Marsden says:

Simple maths 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Keith Finley says:

I think it's a "made for Callaway" version… higher torque etc. Like the old T800

Andrew Sheridan says:

Bought one last year, new, for £120. Goes plenty when i middle it

erock1070 says:

The best part of this video was having Jonah Hill riding in the cart with James

Shawn Taylor says:

I have the XR-16 3w in the bag. Great club and it goes a long way

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