NO Wonder They're PANIC Selling this 2023 Driver!?

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Its that ti elf year where certain drivers will start to get panic sold and here's how you can take advantage!?

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SoCal Golf says:

Once loft Jacking stops OEMS have to come up with a new scam

SoCal Golf says:

Ping and Titleist hold their value well and they don’t crank out clubs Every 6 months

Lawrence Sykkmon says:

remember the golf club is just tools, how much technology can you put on a hammer

Mike CR says:

All clubs have become a bad investment for ALL of us.
The reason is guaranteed immediate obsolescence.. Clubs held value when they were replaced every 5yrs or so.
And it made you feel like you were always getting the best a company can make. If I were Taylormade today I would be embarrassed to advertise a new club as better than last month's offering.. After all, what does that say about Taylormade?

thomas richardson says:

Have a 2/6/10/14 handicapper hit the drivers and see the comparison. We all don’t hit 330yd drives. Waste of time video for the average player.

Farm doctor says:

Still using Taylormade R11s driver ans RSi2 irons. Cleveland wedges. TM rocket balls hybrids.

Ariesnc says:

May pick up the Srixon mk2 ZX5 LS

Ben Daio says:

Guy I was playing with 3 weeks ago had the face of the stealth driver smashed like a pumpkin

Frank Lee says:

Gaming a Big Bertha Fusion circa 2016. Have an F9 (2021). Sadly hit the BB ,
More better so to speak

7_0_Sav says:

Any idea if the Srixon stuff is going to be in the same boat? Need some new woods and would love a Zx MK2 5 wood

Derek Whyle says:

I don’t see many golfers at my club with new drivers in the bag. I think it’s more the driving range heroes who are buying them

Keyboard Oracle says:

Most the 2023 drivers all looked terrible. Or have dumb names.

OhMy MyM says:

Titleist,Ping, Srixon etc do not need a Red Face to fix a dollar swing with a $600 club

Jon Grose says:

what do you think about Limited Edition Drivers? like the Teams Stealth? I see used the sim 2 teams edition sells for almost double the retail price now

ThattrillYT says:

Just got the Rouge ST Max D new for $230 and let’s just say.. I gave the fairway the max D last weekend

John Dice says:

Still blasting my M2 past loads of lads with £500+ Drivers!

Shannon the Cannon says:

Far better off buying a quality shaft upgrade than a new driver. I have the sim1 and ventus black velocore and it goes miles

Brandon4EK says:

Did you actually mention which driver youre recommending? I feel like you just said "this" driver and showed a close up of an aerojet?

greg williams says:

Are you saying the current mizuno 230 line will be slashed? Cant see that as it's only in year 1 of their new 2 year cycle. If half off, I'd buy ine

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