The BEST DRIVER To Buy RIGHT NOW!?The BEST 2022 Drivers… TO BUY NOW!Top 5 DRIVERS To Buy RIGHT NOW And SAVE A FORTUNE!? When buying drivers we always want to potentially buy the latest and greatest driver… but what about buying a driver that is a year old? in this video I take a look at the best drivers of 2022… what you should buy, when you should buy it and potentially how much money you could save… In 2022 we saw the likes of the Taylormade Stealth, Callaway Rogue St, Ping G425, Titleist TSi3 and even the Cobra LTDX drivers… all of which may well be replaced in 2023.. we have seen rumours of the Ping G430, The Callaway Paradym driver, and even Cobra Aerojet driver… so which driver should you look at buying to save money? let's find out… and let's do it now!

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  1. I would love to pick up the TSi but I'm not stuck on it. If i try a different one that hits more fairways that's what I'll be going with.

  2. James,
    You started out great with the Rogue Max LS – distance and dispersion. I was shocked by the results of the Ping G425 – maybe out of tempo. By the time you get to the Titleist, it seems like your swing tempo was somewhat better and you had better results. From my observation of the club, only; I felt like the Callaway Rogue ST Max LS was the clear winner for your swing during that filming. Unless a person wants the latest release, I agree that one can save a lot of money by buying a used or clearance driver and still get the same results or even better. I buy clubs from ebay, Goodwill and the clearance rack and as long as my swing tempo is good, I will have good results. In fact, my Callaway C4 is one of most forgiving and long drivers – $29.00 on ebay – 275 yards on average and the longest was over 300, but on that one, It carried about 260 hit the downgrade embankment in the middle of the fairway and had a good rollout – 20 year old driver.
    Keep up the good work, James. I always enjoy your club comparisons.

  3. 2022 Tour Edge Exotics c722 is absolutely insane! Same technology as the top brands for a fraction of the price. Carbon head, ridgeback, 2 weights at the bottom with diamond technology face. The most slept on underrated driver to date. Went from 220 average yards to 280-290. The fact that it wasn’t even mentioned is mind blowing????

  4. The ceiling for drivers has been set by the PGA for 20 years now. New drivers cannot be made to add distance, but new tech is better at increasing stability and forgiveness on off-center strikes. The PGA set COR (coefficient of restitution) limits on driver faces meaning manufacturers cannot create a club with a COR higher than .830, which signifies that a driver cannot transfer more than 83% of energy to the ball; otherwise, the club would be deemed non-confirming thus illegal. This means that a new driver will not make your best shots any better or go any farther, but it can help with making your poor shots less tragic. This is important when evaluating your reason for wanting a new club. If it's solely for distance, then you're better off getting on a launch monitor first and working on optimizing your launch conditions and/or doing some swing speed training. If you're a golfer with a driver dispersion that is all over the place, then a new club may help if you're gaming a low tech/older model, but lessons may also be in order. Buying a new driver each year is like buying a new phone every time Apple or Samsung releases a new model. Most of the upgrades are aesthetic with major tech innovations only being made every few years or so.

  5. Went to American golf today as it has a top tracer range, cobra was £189, stealth 239 – 249, rouge 249 and the ping £199, all I assume ex demo, but I have the 0211 I got earlier for the £129, 0211 goes pretty straight but I'm only hitting 200-210 carry with it which I don't understand, probably need a lesson as I don't get how I'm not hitting it further

  6. Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade and Cobra are already releasing new drivers that are probably already obsolete because most major manufacturers have new designs waiting in the queue. Save your money and invest in yourself (lessons, practice, etc).
    A club is only as good as the swing you put on it.

  7. Last week I got fitted for the Cobra LTDx LS 9 deg driver with a Tenseoi RAW AV White 75x shaft. Got a new PR in Ball Speed. First time I reached 170+ mph. I did it 6 out of 8 drives.

    Average numbers:
    Club Speed: 115.2 mph. (Highest: 116.6 mph).
    Ball Speed: 171.3 mph. (Highest: 173 mph).
    Carry: 290 yds / 265.6 m. (Highest: 299.5 yds / 273.9 m).
    Total: 319 yds / 292 m. (Highest: 324 yds / 296.5 m).

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