PING’S 2024 New 10k Driver… can be more FORGIVING!?

How much more forgiving will the Ping g430 max 10k Driver really be compared to all of the ones that have previously come out!?

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21 thoughts on “PING’S 2024 New 10k Driver… can be more FORGIVING!?

  1. And at the end of the day despite the voluminous marketing bullshat and shop owners posting their BS online constantly about how this next club is the latest and greatest, it ultimately comes down to your swing and not the silly moronic priced club you are holding in your hands.????

  2. Have you tested the Cleveland launcher XL ? I’ve hit the 425 the 400 and still own the G10 to play with but nothing fixes my bad like the XL. I’ve hit less than 50% of the ball off the top and still went 200 yards down the fairway.

  3. After coming back to Golf after a 21 year gap, I have been fitted for the G425 Max, and I love it. Compared to my previous Taylor Made Burner series, it is incredibly satisfying to hit. Great video Simon.

  4. I went to my LGS about 2 yrs ago when toying with the idea of getting a 2nd hand driver to start replacing my Wilson package set bit by bit.
    The choices in the driver bin in regular shafts were basically a Taylor Made M2 and a near mint Ping G400 Max.
    Tried them both, and the Max shone above the M2 for me.
    So I still have it now, with the Aldila X-Torsion R50 that it came with for £170!
    It's no panacea for a bad swing, but with lessons I've improved over time with the help the extra forgiveness affords you.
    Blind luck really that I have it when I really knew nothing about Ping or drivers at the time.

  5. It's so funny I bought a g400 max around 5 years ago and just could not get along with it at all ….bought it to replace my sldr which I was very fond of but it had literally been hit to death and started to develop a slight crack in the crown ….so I bought the ping gmax 400 thinking I was getting little older little more forgiveness is never a bad thing even if I had to sacrifice a few yards to tighten up dispersion but I just never could get along with the club ….gave it away ….and bought a speedzone cobra and well now I am on to the ltdx and play with several on Saturday mornings that game the 430 in various set ups and it is good especially the max version ….but for some reason the 400 max just was not for me ….

  6. I am currently swinging the Ping G430 Max and its pretty fantastic in both distance and forgiveness, might be my all time favorite driver. I had a G400, it was incredible but I let a friend borrow it one weekend and he cracked the head (he did give me a lot of money for it though because he felt bad). I am curious how the G430 10k will perform against my current G430 Max, looking forward to the reviews

  7. I game the G425 max but have been keeping an eye out for a G400 for sone time now. This morning one came up on Marketplace for $150 but, it had a bit too much bag chatter as I'm confident I can score one in near mint condition if I wait.

  8. It’s on my list but…$200 for 7-yr old driver is tough to swallow.

    Gaming Cobra F9 & a set of Ultradyne II w/Hogan wedges today at 10:00, only 70* today, need a hoodie.


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