27 thoughts on “The Best Forgiving Irons For YOU of 2023!?

  1. I’m an infrequent golfer who has the bug again… I have MP32 in my bag, but looking to get into a new set. When I get serious about getting fitted these will be something I plan on trying out

  2. Sorry James but the new Mizuno JPX irons feel like crap. Except the Tours. Mizuno is chasing distance with the introduction of different metal “blends” while scarifying feel.
    If great feel is not important than there’s other brands that perform better. Cheers.

  3. Why in the HELL can’t someone come up with a game improvement iron with a tour players THIN TOP LINE. Those are so ugly, no way I could look down at that top line or offset. YUK?????

  4. I tested G430, Taylormade Stealth, Cobra Aero, and went for Mizuno 923HL as the 7 iron was 31° and I thought the Mizuno was better looking and the fitting proved to be the best numbers for me.

  5. Played mp62’s and mp52’s combo, was my favorite clubs in high school and college. Currently gaming the mizuno pro 223 4-pw, with modus pro 105x shafts. Look and feel are so good. Unbelievably pure sticks, mizuno never disappoints!

  6. JPX921 Forged will be my 3rd season. Love them. Unbelievable forgiveness on toe strikes and still has the feel. If the JPX923 is improved wow.

  7. I've been playing JPX923 forged irons (5-GW) for 2 weeks and they are the best irons I've ever hit. I am very pleased with the distances, forgiveness and consistency. The feel is satisfyingly pure when I hit the sweet spot. They look great, too. My previous clubs have all been good, but the 923's are a step up. Loved the video, James.

  8. This is why getting fit is critical when there's a wide range within a manufacturer. I tested the entire 923 lineup and figured I'd end up in the HM or HM high launch.

    Every single number was better with the 923 forged. Should be arriving next week and I'm insanely excited to get em out on the course

  9. Hi James
    I got fitted into the MizunoJPX 923 Hot Metal Pro in Marchand received them a week or so ago. I’ve only played 1 round so far ,but,WOW absolutely loved them,more control over distance etc and playing off 28 hcp I’ll have them for quite a few years whilst helping improve my game

  10. Hi James, i looked at the JPX forged, however they were at 2500 for a set, then I saw the Srixon ZX7 . ended up going a combo ZX5 in 4-5 iron and 6-PW in the ZX7 and these bad boys feel as Good as the JPX, and saved 900 bucks

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