The Best Game Improvement Drivers of 2024 Tested By A High Handicapper (18 cap)

Testing and reviewing the BEST golf game improvement Drivers of 2024. I brought in my buddy Andrew who is a 18 handicap to compare his current driver, the Taylormade M4 against the best game improvement and most forgiving drivers of 2024. He hit the Taylormade Qi10 Max, Ping G430 Max 10K, Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max, Cobra Darkspeed Max, Srixon ZX5 MKII and the the Wilson Dynapwr (Dynapower) Titanium. Find out which one of these golf game improvement drivers are the best!

All that, and more………

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Hi I’m Brandon Cubitt or @NEWNINEGOLF on Instagram, welcome to my channel New Nine Golf. I'm a scratch golfer and I'm obsessed with all things golf! I'll give you unbiased reviews from a consumer perspective and ill bring on golf pro's for lesson series to help make you a better golfer. My golf course vlogs will give you an inside look at the courses I'm playing and you can see where my game is at. New Nine Golf is a culture of not giving up, learning from mistakes and moving forward to be a better version of yourself everyday.

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Thanks for watching the video Best Game Improvement Driver 2024 // High Handicapper Testing

00:00 Intro
02:08 About Andrew's Game
02:53 Current Driver
04:48 M4 Data
07:40 Wilson Dynapower
11:52 Dynapower Data
13:26 Cobra Darkspeed Max
14:50 Darkspeed Data
16:02 Srixon ZX5 MKii
18:22 ZX5 Data
18:53 Ping G430 Max 10K
22:05 G430 Data
24:45 Taylormade Qi10 Max
26:39 Qi10 Data
28:29 Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max
29:43 Paradym Data
31:00 Titleist TSR2
33:16 TSR2 Data
35:09 Top Driver Data Comparison
37:23 Hits his M4 again
39:25 Be Nice

15 thoughts on “The Best Game Improvement Drivers of 2024 Tested By A High Handicapper (18 cap)

  1. If I were Andrew and concerned about price point as much as he is… I would say thanks for the informative session, give Brandon a nice tip for his effort then walk out of there and go straight to Costco to get the new Kirkland driver. Aren't they getting sued by Titleist right now b/c their driver is so much like the TSR? Maybe you could have let him hit the new Tour Edge driver as a cheaper option if you guys sell that one. Great video again as always. Thank you for the content!

  2. Awesome vid!!! Only thing is he doesn't need to spend money on a new driver. Last years model or even a 2 year old used driver will fit his budget.
    You spend the money to go get fit then go buy last years driver with the same shaft. He probably would hit the Titliest TSi just as good. Or the stealth 2 or the Ping G425. I did the same thing. The dark speed was the best in my fitting. Payed for the fitting and then went and found a good condition aerojet driver and put the same shaft in it. Very little difference. Upgraded shaft and all. For me, next year, the dark speed will depreciate 200 bucks or more( its a cobra) ill upgrade to the darkspeed i was fitted for and sell the aerojet. Do your research and ya save a bundle.

  3. i need this for the trip im taking to Texas and its a vacation but i will also get fitted…high handicapper and never been fitted so im pumped…good drivers to look at, got a sub out of me brotha

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