Is the new STEALTH better than previous TaylorMade drivers?

Is the new TaylorMade STEALTH drivers any better than the SIM and SIM2 models?

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29 thoughts on “Is the new STEALTH better than previous TaylorMade drivers?

  1. So, I have acquired the Stealth Driver and I love it. I hear a lot of rubbish about the Stealth Driver being inconsistent. No, the club is the same on every shot. It is the GOLFER who is inconsistent. Give me a Bad Golfer and I will show you that Stealth is inconsistent. Rory, Tiger, and Scottie Scheffler hit this club just fine. I want to hear someone evaluate the COR of Stealth.

  2. Would love to know how/why manufacturers bring out all these new drivers every year that are more expensive especially for the average golfer when it seems to be proven a lot that they always seem very similar with never massive leaps forward in the way of distance etc?

  3. In your hands Peter being a PGA Pro it was doubtful whether you was going to see massive gains. 1 yard is obviously nothing. However for amateurs like me who plays the original sim and does notice the drop off of distance with off centre hits the Stealth is probably a good bet. Bear in mind most amateur golfers forgetting the low handicappers of course don't find the middle of the driver often enough. It was a good comparison though from a Professional point of view

  4. Not a fan of any Taylormade drivers since the M6 came out. The shape of their heads doesn’t suit my swing. The club face is wide, but short top to bottom. I end up hitting sky balls more frequently with these head designs because of how I have to tee the ball up. I don’t have that issue on older TM drivers, or any other club brand. It was so bad that I traded my brand new M6 for a 2015 Cobra King Ltd.

  5. Unfortunately TM was not the first to bring the Carbon Face driver, as Callaway released a bomber of a driver 2 decades ago in the Callaway C4. That club sounded amazing coming off the face- like a shotgun blast ???? and went a mile! Great comparison vid though, exactly the info I was looking for!

  6. Carbon-wood..?
    Never mind Red, claret, or scarlet…. If it’s going to be a carbon-“wood” “Wood”. Then perhaps making the whole thing look like a nice piece of teak, oak, or mahogany….

    Now, that wood be really cool, to make the wood actually look like a proper old fashioned wood wood….

  7. Owned an M5 Tour, SIM and now an M3 and TSI3 but the sound was the only defining characteristic of any of them. The M3 is loud. M5 was sweet like the TSi and the SIM was much the same but the SIM felt completely dead off the higher part of the head. But paired with an Oban Kiyoshi white it was one of the best drivers I ever used. So much so that I’m selling my TSi to get it back lol

  8. Rogue ST is better these year . Carbon I don’t trust yet . If you can get a new driver anytime you want the ok but if you play it for years I don’t know if I trust that yetv

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