22 thoughts on “The BEST Game IMPROVEMENT Irons of 2024!! NOT WHAT I THOUGHT!!!

  1. I bought a set of the older Cobra forged one length a few years back. I really liked the 4-5-6 irons but didn't like how long the 9-pw-gw were so I went to a mixed set of the new ones with 4-5-6 in one length and the rest regular. I'm not sure why more people don't try them, especially high handicap players. I'm sitting at a 6 handicap at the moment and I couldn't recommend them more.

  2. I have a set 4-PW of the cobra 1 length irons from three years ago. I found that my swing speed does not support hitting these irons above 6 iron. the 5 and 4 irons launched low for me and didn't carry any further than my 6 iron. Easy enough to hit, and there is something to the one length idea, but what they have to do to the heads of the longer clubs just didn't work with my swing. DeChambeau can make them work, but he is 70% faster than I am and 40 years younger, so there's that.

  3. For better or worse I purchased a cobra one length gap wedge to a deal on the Arccos AI app. Couldn’t get used to it at first due to needing to set up as if it were a7 iron but I’ve got used to it and can use it chipping or getting it on the green from 140 yards out if needed but like using it from 130 and under successfully But. talk about it dripping in from the sky. Love that I can launch something high from a descent way out for me and know it’ll stay on the green so long as my aim and strike were correct. LoL. Great video Chris.

  4. I spoke to the master fitter at sawgrass, he said he has never and will probably never fit someone into a one length set. His reasoning made complete sense and I doubt I could relay it accurately. Basically it is much harder to properly fit and gap a one length set

  5. been using one length for the last year….took some time to get my strike position correct…i won't be changing to variable length clubs….married up with the kirkland ball……it's all tickaty bo……i have even changed my grips to the jumbo max grips????????????????????????

  6. I play cobra sz one length they have been so good to me my handicap has gone from 28 to 10. I will keep plying one length I just need to maybe try this style not the game improvements one I currently have.

  7. I remember when DeChambeau came on Tour and stated that you’d be seeing a lot more guys playing one-length in the future and all the OEM’s would be offering them … needless to say, that hasn’t happened. That being said, if they work for some people, by all means play them (it’s not how, but how many).????????

  8. Have a cheaper brand of 1 length irons 4-PW and a Cobra 3 hybrid 1 length . Personally I think it has helped my ball striking . As far as the 8-PW same set-up same swing , just don't think of " the iron should be shorter lenght shaft " , it's an 8 iron it's not going to go as far as the 7 iron , unless I miss hit the 7-4 iron and it only goes 30 yards.

  9. I've never tried the one length Cobra Forged Tecs, but I bought some lightly used 2020 standard length Forged Tec irons after seeing yours and James's positive reviews, and I have no regrets.

  10. Wonder if it would work as a split set Chris? 5 (or 4) down to 7.. with then shorter irons traditional lengths.. possibly wouldnt help if you struggle with posture across the range though..

  11. I had a custom set of Wishon Sterling one length irons built when they were first introduced several years ago and really liked them till I hit the 9-SW, as I pulled everything hard left with those clubs.
    The fitter tried everything to try and keep me from pulling the ball left. We could never get them to where we fixed the problem , but I think its was because the shafts were to long for the lofts with my swing that I could not make them work.
    I love the idea of one length irons but they are not for everyone!

    I'll die playing my custom fit PXG 0211 XCOR 2 clubs, I got the 14 club deal for a retirement present for myself and I really like them !!!

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