21 thoughts on “"They have skills that make F1 drivers look like amateurs!" | Why rally drivers are built different

  1. I didn't realize there were so many flamewars being stoked by clusterbumbling twat fanbois of different motorsports. Thanks for the heads up, comments/responses.

  2. F1 drivers are definitely a breed apart but when they say Rally Drivers are too much for them then you pretty much know without a doubt "Braking like you're trying to see God" isn't just a saying as they literally live it.

  3. Race car drivers and famous people say that about flying with Jet pilots too. You have no idea that you are in an entirely different realm when flying in a machine like that.

  4. Rally drivers are dealing with a level of entropy which fars outweighs that which F1 drivers are going through.

    F1 has almost mathematically perfect conditions in terms of calculating traction forces and geometry of the track, so its hevily 'left brained', like a fighter jet pilot or engineer.

    Rally drivers are literally one with the car, its an extension of themselves and no 2 laps/stages are remotely the same, because so much depends on 'feeling'. The tyres are like rubber gloves while they're feeling whats underneath them.

    Both of course masterful arts but theres a little more 'crazy' in rallying for sure????

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