The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners are…

I think these are the best golf clubs for beginners. And in late 2023 they've been improved even further.

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19 thoughts on “The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners are…

  1. bro at a thousands dollars im just headed over to get a callaway or taylormad set off the rack. when i look up clubs for beginners i was looking for low price good quality lmaooo.

  2. Hi Gabe. I have been enjoying many of your reviews so far. The Stix clubs do look like a nice set of inexpensive clubs for a golfer getting started at golf. I do however find it necessary to quibble with you about what a beginning golfer should be looking for in clubs. One, fourteen clubs is too many clubs for a beginning golfer. Beginning golfers cannot get the best use out of the lob wedge or the three fairway. I would drop these two clubs. Two, I would recommend beginning golfers play from the Senior or forward tees. These would be the Yellow/Gold tees on most courses. From these tees I would argue most beginning golfers might not even need a driver. If they can hit a five fairway or one of their longer hybrids 200 yards, that would be more than sufficient on most course's forward tees. Three, most beginning golfers would benefit from more hybrids in the longer club selection. I would start at the six iron and every longer club past that should be a hybrid. Again this is for the beginning golfer. Unfortunately most if not all club manufacturers force you to buy irons sets with the six through four at least and don't give you an option to replace them with hybrids. Adding hybrids to replace these longer irons is an unnecessary expense to all golfers. I have not looked through all of Stix's offerings yet, so I don't know if they offer a configuration like that but I know most club manufacturers do not.

    Anyway, sorry to quibble. I am enjoying your videos very much. Please keep up the good work. Thanks.

  3. if you like the regular flex steel shafts would you recommend the stiff graphite shafts? i want this set but just the 11 club and they dont offer steel

  4. I'm 6'7" and have been playing with standard length Ram FX3s for the past 20 years. I'm wanting to get custom fitted clubs, but now I'm thinking I might get these with the added 1". Would you see that as a considerable upgrade?

  5. Looked into Stix but ended up buying the full set of 14 from Caley, another DTC brand. Normally £799, during Black Friday? £349 ???? needless to say they’re all sold out now

  6. I’m a beginner who has used a set of hand me downs for awhile. I’m moving on to the Stix set of 14 in the hopes that I can grow into a set of clubs, and improve my game, now that I have the time. It seems like that’s exactly what this set was made for.

  7. I was in a toss up between the Callaway edge 10 piece and Stix sets.
    With a Callaway bag and set I spent roughly $800 and the sticks with the 11 club set with bag as about $1000.
    I’m hoping to maybe find that 3 wedge set from Costco to add to the bag and still end up less than the Stix set.
    I appreciate your reviews because I had no clue what I was looking for an your videos helped a lot.
    Thank you

  8. Giga TRX v11 irons- On sale at $150 for 5-pw. Giga S2 wedge of two at $40 each. Giga 4-5 hybrid $45 each.

    PXG 0211 Driver $200, or maybe the upcoming $200 Kirkland driver. Lazarus driver at $157 and 5 or 7 fairway wood at $77 (20% off everything this weekend)

    Wilson Infinite Putter, various styles- $100

    $600 ish plus bag

    Btw, the Giga Pursuit M410 irons that Gabe shot even par for 9 with are on sale for <$47 per club right now.

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