The BEST GOLF CLUBS of 2022!

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rodney shaffer says:

Hope you do more videos with your dad, he's a blast to watch !
Enjoy every minute with him

MrWubzHD says:

Have you tried the jumbomax zen lite grips? If not you should do a review of them

Man0steel74 says:

Give me the irons hahahha

Alex Wade says:

Love the content/channel – Happy New Year to you and the team

Sean Potter says:

Great content Peter!


And love the videos man keep it up


Hey Peter what is your favorite club in your bag currently

Thomas Butcher says:

Hey Pete love your golf videos keep the club reviews and witb through out the season.

Derek Kerster says:

You absolutely must have been child like unwrapping all those shafts

Jose Enrique S says:

Pete! I am having series problems with my left wrist. Stoped for one year and went back, and started all over again from day 1. Do you really think changing for a thicker grip, will help? Thanks

Tucker Jensen says:

Surprised after all the other fittings, never tried a ball fitting. I personally like the feel and performance of the callaway csx LS

Bob Bear says:

I would like you to test and give your opinion on the new gen 5 PXG clubs and drivers

Graham Fuller says:

Great content Pete. I look forward to seeing what 2023 brings.

D G says:

Loved all the videos this year Pete!

augustin Pastres says:

I am using the cobra ltdx driver and the callaway rogue st 7 Wood and it was a huge surprise they both feel amazing, I also use the hi toe wedges which are way too much underrated in my opinion! Can’t wait to see the videos on the new releases for 2023!

robert millhouse says:

Great year of content Pete, keep up the good work!!

Jac Smith Williams says:

Love what you do Peter by the metre keep up the great work. Build my bag is one of my favourite videos you do

Ben Wilkinson says:

Smashing it as always pete

Jane says:

Love watching your videos..content is great and I cannot wait to see your reviews on the new 2023 clubs 🙂

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