Mike Austin Golf Swing – Iron Byron Golf Machine

The Wheel Power Golf Swing is a simple way to understand the Mike Austin Golf Swing Method that is very similar to the mechanics of the rotary Iron Byron Golf Swing Machine.

This video is a bit of a trailer to our main 1 hour INTRODUCTION video which goes into a lot more detail on the theory behind the swing concept and how it emulates a Wheel Turning Machine. The golf club is simply pulled around by the turning wheel rim. see: https://youtu.be/UDdzq70yKRQ

The WHEEL POWER Golf Swing is based upon Norm Rosen's interpretation of the much more advanced MIKE AUSTIN Golf Swing Method.

If you enjoy the INTRODUCTION video, there is a follow-up 4 hour ADVANCED TRAINING video series.

Website: https://WheelPowerGolfSwing.com

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  1. I’m a huge believer in the Austin swing, you did an excellent comparison here. I need a tip if you can help. On the golf course I have a problem from the top of backswing getting my bellybutton to start the downswing. Every time causes that right shoulder out and the dreaded pull happens

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