16 thoughts on “The BEST Irons Of 2023 – For EVERY TYPE Of Golfer!

  1. Paradym X irons have brought my HCP from 22 to 15 this year & I just hit a new PB of 78 with them – just so easy to hit & accurate – I’m a slow swinger with disabilities to

  2. For high HCP I would probably suggest Wilson Launchpad, also brilliant for those with slower swing speed. Or maybe Wilson D9 (and I play Ping so not a Wilson fanboy – I think I last played Wilson irons 30 years ago!), as an alternative Srixon ZX4 look fantastic

    Not quite low HCP (yet, but do play off single figures) but I would not change out of my i210s even if I do eventually get there. If my clubs were stolen I would definitely look at Takoma, T150s and probably Srixon

  3. No issues with any of your choices. One thing to note is that all mid or even low handicap players are equal. In my case I play the P790s because I don’t get the distances from my clubs that I used to. I can hit muscle back irons but at 56 I find needing a six iron for 150 yard shots. Using the P790s gives me the ability to use a club that I would traditionally use.

  4. do you think you can get away with a club change to improve your game. or do you think just having something shiney and new is what helps temporarley, you know that feeling of new, i remember saying a new pair of trainers helped me run faster, ?im still using mp64s llke 10 yrs old now and when im playing well they feel loveley when im not i blame the equipment, just feels like a quick fix i guess its like most things having the money some people can throw money at things others have to grind lol ,wouldnt mind some reviews on old equipment compared to new see the comparisons, im off 14 but i cant use the big cavity backs only the mid range ones i actualy have a bladed 4 iron to which i hit quite well on a good day obvs

  5. Love that you’re choosing irons that are direct to consumer.
    But if I haven’t been fitted how would you recommend I choose the right iron for me?

  6. My opinion for hybrid irons is the cobra t-rail just because the face still resembles an iron, for the high handicap I prefer the cobra tec forged. Enjoy playing them both.

  7. James I definitely love the channel but have to disagree that P.790's are great for high handicappers , mid for sure and even lower to maybe a 5 or 6 handicapper if you need the distance but the high handicapper needs the Ping G430 , Taylormade Stealth's , Srixon ZX4 , Callaway Paradym X , Cobra Aerojets etc. but what I have found selling these clubs the 18 handicapper and above usually struggles with this iron but it is a great players distance iron !!!

  8. James great video. I have to push back on the idea that the pxg 0317 T are for mid handicappers. This year I got down to 0.3 index from 7 thanks to my short game improvement. Not my iron play. So in my mind I’m a mid handicapper when it comes to iron play and had high hopes for the pxg 0317 Ts.
    I got my Sunday set last weekend (4,7,9,gw) and have to say that they are not very forgiving. Additionally the feel was disappointing.
    I still think that the gen3 0311 were the softest/best feeling irons from pxg. I think the cobra forged tec are fantastic irons for the mid handicap bracket. I also love the Mizuno’s jpx line.
    I am looking forward to the mizuno pro 245’s even they come out.

  9. I hate the p790s but I LOVE that James hates his audience so much that he's gotten petty enough to start trying to low key insult them by trying to make p790 users feel like high handicappers.

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