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Stories with Aly says:

Given the price points and having unfortunately never tried the honma or miura (though always wanted to try the latter but tried edel and other Japanese brands), and recently having tried many irons at same time with similar or same shafts – ranging from tm, ping, apex, jpx- am homing in on the z785s. Having had srixons before on balance like the feel, looks, good performance, workability and value.

sehnaz1 says:

The Miura and Honma have a strange retro look to me but Im sure they feel great.

David Alvarado says:

Try Fourteen golf ! My spy golf voted number 1 distance irons 2018 . Best Irons I’ve ever owned.

M. YouHall says:

There is no doubt that the Miura looks the best but it also costs about double (the cost of Mizuno and Srixon anyway – I don't know how much the Honma cost).

DB George says:

So the Muira and the Homna were 6 irons and the Srixon and Mizuno 7 irons?

David Cullen says:

I'm ready to buy the Srixon Z Forged, waiting on the Ping Blueprints to get released first. Personally I'd have liked to see you test MP 18, T//World Rose proto, Wilson's 2019 Blades and the Z Forged to go with the Miura's

Chester says:

The Miura wins on looks alone.  Not even CLOSE.

Peter Cusanelli says:

Why not the new Srixon z forged blade?

Anthony Jones says:

I want them miuras so bad. Had a demo iron of them for a while they’re lovely. Got a Miura putter feels awesome

Ian Robertshaw says:

Absolutely brilliant. At the end of the day when you’ve done everything physically possible with the mechanics of your swing and perhaps have to accept/come to terms with your physical limitations in terms of flexibility, swing and ball speed etc the only possible way you can gain or optimise your potential is by have a good club fitting session with someone who knows their stuff and can give you the best possible configuration of head, shaft etc to make you the best you can be. I really, really don’t think we amateurs realise or appreciate the difference these things can make. Let’s face it, if you were spending £1200 on a suit for your wedding you’d expect it to be fitted to you wouldn’t you. Same thing. The list is endless, flex, torque, kick point, shaft length, swing weight. Marginal gains is what it’s all about when you’ve done everything mechanical regarding your personal swing. I will definitely be coming down for my next set. Great content. Thanks.

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