The best tip to strike your irons pure | Golf

The best Drill to Strike your irons pure.

A drill I have been using this year with great results. To pure your irons is all about impact!
Looking for low point a couple of inches after the ball for your divots to start.

The drill is to pre set the ideal impact position then hit the ball from there, really simple but very effective.

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11 thoughts on “The best tip to strike your irons pure | Golf

  1. In his freeze frame he doesn't do it correctly.
    We don't see a face on with his real swing. What we don't see with his swing and his freeze frame pose. Is that his left hip does not get out and over and past his left foot.
    This is a must to get the bottom of the swing past the ball

  2. Besides the crack a bat makes when a hitter gets around on a fastball and squares one up the sound of a well stroked iron shot is my favorite sound in sports

  3. Hi Tyler great tip. Actually with proper COG tracking can still max coil and get your weight away from the outside of the lead foot post start up. You have more time to spare with the pre set, some old habits do die hard though.
    Great advice Tyler!

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