The CHOP is Killing Your Golf Swing [QUICK Over the Top Fix]

99% of you are doing this problem and don't even know it! Tom shows you how to STOP THE CHOP and start learning the feeling of TRUE POWER – the power that comes from hitting the ball DIRECTLY instead of chopping wood. Pick up yards and compress it a ton better with this tip.

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18 thoughts on “The CHOP is Killing Your Golf Swing [QUICK Over the Top Fix]

  1. Appreciate your videos, Tom. Turned a 74 or 75 into an 80 today with poorly executed, over the top 7 and 9 irons after great drives. But I did have two 7 irons from fairway traps that were hit crisply and dead straight. The ball flight seemed to be more piercing in contrast to high. Probably travelled about 140-150 yards in contrast to the 155-160 I normally hit it. I kept my body/feet still and focused on contact but is it safe to assume I did not go over the top because of less movement in the arms and focusing on rotation? I tried to focus on keeping the arms connected to my body as you mentioned in another video. Should I take the same approach with the fairway shots?

  2. Hello again! I don't necessarily want to switch to stack and tilt and I want to retain just a bit of force transfer on the takeaway and a bit of lift, but these videos have helped immensely. If I do lift a little, would this require me to immediately reconnect my right bicep to my chest in transition to get the plane going down the middle of my back? Still coming in a little steep! But dang with your help my 8 iron went from 160 weak fade to 180 tiny draw. Keep rockin' the vids!

  3. I am still new at this, but learning. Yesterday out on the course I was hooking left and sometimes fading right. Frustrated. Especially with my 3 hybrid and 4 wood off the tee. About the last 5 holes, it dawned on me that I was taking it back too high above the plane, even thought I FELT like I wasn't. So I lowered my takeaway to be more "around" my body and was nailing them dead straight. What a relief! Need to in grain this feeling at home and on the range.

  4. Hi Tom. At 2:21 you took the club around your body but you did not let your left forearm to rotate clockwise to allow the wrists to hinge (up cock) and club head to end up further around your body. .
    Was this deliberate? I’m looking for confirmation that rolling or rotating the hands (really the forearms as the wrists and hands have no independent rotational movement in them) is a death move. Kind regards.

  5. Thanks a bunch!! I’m finally making strides with my golf swing thanks to your continued tips on bringing the club around and not up. I Played baseball forever and struggled with my over the top swing and now I’ve been hitting balls so much better. Still have work to do but confidence is up because of my new thought process on my backswing and staying on plane. Now I hate it when I hear someone say bring the club up and not around. I’ve definitely added power and yardage to my game.

  6. But in your hitting at the golf ball video you say to drop the arms down as the first move in the downswing. Suddenly this simple swing gets very complicated and confusing to sequence it all in the quarter second or so during the downswing. Let's see; keep weight 55-70% on left foot, tilt left, take club inside, turn left shoulder down, don't open clubface going back, don't lift arms, keep hands behind shoulders, don't over swing, move right hand to karate chop position, tilt right while moving weight further left, bump hip but don't rotate, drop hands and arms, hit with right hand, or hit with body, or power with leg drive (all are recommended), hit out towards the right, extend after the hit, then finish. Right…..can you see how some folks get lost here?

  7. there is no bending forwards into the address position. the key is to look down at the ball and then push back with the base of the neck. it causes a reverse reacation and moves the body forwards into position. it's an enantiodromia thing. and, as your upper half moves into position there is no holding the legs straight. activate the muscle in the back right of the left calf- which will turn the knee out slightly- and the muscles in the left side of the right leg which will pull the knee in and draw the right leg back slightly.

  8. Gold!. I have a one plane backswing and a two plane downswing (not a good idea). From the top, go more around. Like in baseball or tennis.

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