Stop Chopping Over The Top | Golf Channel

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Martin Hall and Sarah Brown show you how to stop chopping the club over the top in this practical drill. Get more instructional tips from the School of Golf here:

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Danny LeBlanc says:

What about the unicorn, bungee cords, chair and pool noodles? Who brings all this shit to a practice range 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Johnathon Parker says:

Thank you for blowing out my eardrums at the end

Shane Deel says:

I would destroy that setup first swing

Pres says:

Only time I’ll ever draw is with a pencil and a piece of paper

Corek BleedingHollow says:

She’s a beautiful woman

Ench8rted says:

“I’m a natural blower” lmaol “see? A little blow”

Alan Gower says:

Pretentious wanker

cgasucks says:

Pull your left arm away from your chest to start your downswing. It will be impossible to go over the top.

DUCATEA 916SPS says:

Cracking Rack

MrSmashmouth07 says:

damn Martin hall is annoying

paulsa1000 says:

He has the most annoying voice

Red Tiger says:

why the music so loud? i have to always turn it down after every video

catalin dinca says:

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