The driver swing is so easy when you know this (driver golf tips)

Mark Crossfield shares 3 simple golf driver tips that help so many golfers hit straighter and longer tee shots.

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Welcome to the Mark Crossfield Golf Channel! If you're looking for world-class golf instruction and honest equipment reviews, you've come to the right place.

Mark is the original professional golfer content creator with a passion for helping others improve their game. On this channel, you'll find various videos featuring golf tips, advice, and drills to help you play better golf and reduce your handicap. From fixing your slice and hook to driving the golf ball longer and straighter and improving your ball striking, Mark has over 25 years of coaching expertise to help you become a better golfer.

In addition to instructional videos, you'll also find equipment reviews to help you make informed decisions on the best gear for your game. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started in golf or an experienced player looking to take your game to the next level, Mark Crossfield Golf has something for you. Tune in and start your journey to better golf today!

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16 thoughts on “The driver swing is so easy when you know this (driver golf tips)

  1. Some weird ideas here tbh. Butch Harmon tells us not to pull the shaft from the top but to hip bumb a little and then turn the hips left. That will get you into a more baseball position were the arms drop naturally and then can swing through. That way you avoid the over the top move as well.

  2. Ffs lessons lessons lessons sometimes we just want to watch our YouTube personalities play golf and be entertained…. get back with Coach and do a few golf vlogs pleeeeeaaaase

  3. Help Help Ok love all the videos been working on the irons lots from your videos of hitting irons crisp Got it good now But now my driver is a mess not sure what happened is this command Help please

  4. Many moons ago when I did some martial arts we’d talk about grappling through the words “base, angle, leverage”. Now I have a different application to go with that reminder! Good stuff Mark!

  5. Other videos say you should tilt to the right at set up. If this is so then how do you tilt your left should down when swinging back? I’m not built that way.

  6. On the range, I am Goody Golfer hitting my driver. A Puritan hitting pure balls with nothing but bliss and hope in my Christian heart. But…. At the tee box, a dark cloud envelopes my soul. I hear English spoken backwards slowly whispering in my ears. A forked tongue licks thoughts in my brain that are not appropriate for the YouTube comment section. I get the demonic urge to hit the cover off the ball and stand proudly as my friends gawk at my 666yard drive. I over swing a massive hook left into the parking lot, or leave the club face open, resulting in a satanic slice into oblivion.

    What’s your advice on fixing that? And don’t say confession before the round it’s proven to be of no use.

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