The EASY Way To Hit Your Long Irons Correctly

In this video, we're going to show you how to hit your long irons correctly. With the right swing and technique, you'll be hitting the ball into the green in no time!

Hitting your long irons correctly is a key component of playing good golf. In this video, we're going to show you how to hit your long irons correctly so you can start puttingtiger in your golf game! With the right swing and technique, you'll be hitting the ball into the green in no time!

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25 thoughts on “The EASY Way To Hit Your Long Irons Correctly

  1. Great video, I just started golf and Iam hitting my long irons better but not great, I try and look at the front of the ball when I swing and Iam still working on my swing for now.I will try looking a little further out to see what happens when I am able to put a good swing on the ball! Lol! Frustration level was very high when I started but now I don't let the bad hits get me down, I just laugh and try to get better at being more consistent.

  2. When people hit short irons well with decent carry but not long irons the most common issue i see is they’re so used to having their head/sternum over the ball they think they need to do the same with long irons and end up leaning way to their lead side.

    I always just setup with head and sternum in the center of my stance regardless of ball position. then as long as you have the speed you’re good to go.

  3. This bs….is why people use hybrids or a 7 wood. There is no use in changing up your iron technique…thinking that longer irons are suddenly supposed to have a different technique…that is supposed to vary on each club. Better to stick to solid compression on irons…and then hit a club that is easier when longer distance is required.

  4. One thing when you demonstrate your club face on backswing always opens towards the camera . You kinda even wrap your wrists on your backswing.
    But when you actually hit the ball you keep club face down. You hit it very straight and have great ball control im just wondering where the club face needs to be on the backswing for irons and wedges. Same with driver club face downright ??

  5. For 196 carry, that's a club head speed of about 98 mph. That's better than the men's senior tour and almost PGA level speeds. That's unreasonable for the average golfer. Most people cannot hit long irons because you need a certain club head speed and they can't do it no matter how many videos they watch. You need to tell them to get hybrids instead. That's what they're for. They're extremely easy to hit and go really long. Terrible video.

  6. My 5i is the same as 6i so opted for 4hybrid. I do use my 5i as a practice club however.
    I also swapped out 3W to 5W for same reason, 3W im reserved but 5W I swing faster with confidence.
    Build the bag that works is key….
    Well explained vid again Ali…

  7. I want to tell you, this video LITERALLY dead honest just won me a scramble tournament, I can't thank you enough and I need other people to know, do what he says, be patient, and this WILL work for you! ???????????? Sweep is the key, sweep and it will be PERFECT.

  8. Cant hit anything higher than my 6 iron. But I don't care. Because my hybrid and wood game is pretty decent. Ego goes out the door when I'm on course. And its allowed me to drop 6 strokes in 2 minths

  9. Noticed most of your strikes are between center and heel. Doesn't seem to effect distance or accuracy. My strike pattern is identical but it bothers me and gets into my head that perhaps a center strike would be even better. Strikes toward the heel don't seem to be an issue with you ?

  10. I play only irons PW – 2iron. I just get on better with irons vs hybrids and woods. I feel roll and bulge more difficult to control. 
    I spent 3 years working on being able to play a draw which I find much easier with irons.
    So many videos recommend ditching long irons for hybrids yet my irons are fitted for me + with a shorter shaft than a comparable hybrid or wood, they're easier to control. Also an iron has a higher toe which can save skying the ball.

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