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I’m Alex Etches, a golf professional and golf YouTuber. If you don’t know me, I started playing golf at 10 years old, turned professional at 22 in the UK, and have been creating entertaining and informative golf content on different platforms for the last 10 years. My home is now AUSTRALIA and I hope to take you around some of the best golf courses from down under.

On this channel, you can expect many fun golf reviews, golf vlogs and many other videos. From testing out some crazy golf clubs to the latest product releases which includes TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Titleist, and many more…

I also do lots of traveling and will bring you along the journey with me. With Golf Vlogs from the UK, US, and many other locations it never gets boring on tour with #TEAMAL!

Anyway, enough about me – If you’re new to the channel, or have been with #TEAMAL for a while, write a message down in the comment section and say Hi!

19 thoughts on “The GOLF CLUB that CHANGED MY LIFE!!

  1. Congratulations on 10 years, keep up the great content. Would be interesting to know what distances you got out of the club 10 years ago?

  2. 3 minutes in and I cant stop crying/laughing. You were so ….. anyway I started following you when you were based in the UK. Have always appreciated your vibe and cheeky sense of humour which is akin to Aussie larking. Happy 10 year anniversary and looing forward to another 10.

  3. Well done Al. Congratulations on 10 years. I'll join in your celebrations and take my Cobra ZL (not Encore) out to the course on Saturday. Cheers.

  4. Congrats on the 10 years of entertaining golf content. I do have an absolute golf club that I like most. It’s my RadSpeed XB…even with the newer offerings from TM, Cobra, Titleist, Ping, Cleveland, Srixon and Mizuno… I’m still longer and straighter with the RadSpeed.

  5. Been following you for a few years now, nothing on YouTube will ever surpass your Mizuno driver review with waffle technology in the crown. You definitely peaked to a level that will never be replicated by anyone ever! The only time I have laughed almost as much watching a club review was watching you beat yourself up with a driver with a hosepipe shaft. That was funny!

  6. Where abouts in Australia are you from . I've just arrived in Adelaide from England and looking for some advice on courses to play while I'm here

  7. You didn't become FAT, you gaind the full potential size of your happy DNA from a healthy see food diet ,lol, – bigger, stronger ???? and with a sense of humor second to none ????- when our government really starts starving us to death, you'll be still around and or the last man standing next on the tee ????

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