Getting fitted for clubs… IS IT OVERRATED?!

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13 thoughts on “Getting fitted for clubs… IS IT OVERRATED?!

  1. I have a weird build, I'm 5'4 with wrist to floor of 31…super short legs, long arms…for me getting fit made a bit difference but really I coups have figured to just cut them shorter

  2. Most amateurs swings are SO inconsistent a fitting is completely useless for the most part. If you’re extra tall, extra small etc maybe some different shaft lengths or something but unless you’re a significant outlier in some way, it probably ain’t gonna help ya hit it better. Where it IS useful for most players would be a gap fitting and finding clubs to plug those holes.

  3. I’m glad someone has finally said this. I can’t believe the number of amateurs who believe they’d be scratch golfers if they just got custom fitted clubs. ????

  4. To me a good custom fitting would measure the distance I hit each club and if there isn't a consistent difference between irons there should be clubs of different lengths so that I would get consistent differences. A set of irons where there is a half inch difference does not guarantee I will get consistent range per club.

  5. Interesting insights, this video got me thinking and I always come back to this statement one of my mentors told me, "its subjective, it depends" and what that means is it all depends on the individual, I think theyre hinting at you need to experiment a lot with every club in the bag if you want a perfect set, but I grew up hitting whatever and a fitting really helped me set a baseline for what I need, I also didnt feel nervous at all going for a fitting, quite the opposite actually, and I recommend asking all these questions to your fitter and they may give you some advice about it like length and stuff.

  6. After being fitted twice, I found doing it myself gave much better results. Hitting different clubs and finding the one that produces the best result consistently.

  7. Good point. I adjust lie on clubs. If u start that game. Have fun. U will adjust lie a ton. As a guy changes his swing. It's so hard to be the same every time

  8. somehow just ran into this…..very refreshing to hear this take. went in for iron fitting today after 15 years of playing. Was fitted into an iron after an hour of tinkering and then picked up my off the rack used iron before I left and hit 15 shots that were better than the one that I was fitted into…

  9. It used to be fun going to the golf stores and hitting all kinds of different used or new demo clubs, getting a sense of what "felt" right, it was a fun learning process. But yeah, out of the grass is what matters.
    I think a dialed in fitting works for best for advanced ball strikers who have solid mechanics and a repeating golf swing. Just an opinion of course.

  10. These fitting companies play on people being gullible for what they need, if we are athletic at all we should know what we need for clubs.

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