The Golf Swing Simplified With This Home Drill – Swing Natural Like Baseball

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Close for simple swing tip for increasing swing speed.

Success leaves clues and there are clues all around us in everyday life and in other sports to show you how to play simple, enjoyable free swinging golf.

All you need to do is learn how to throw, or watch what any kid does when asked to hit a baseball or throw a baseball.

Picture skimming a stone or whacking a piñata… or like you see in the video below; swinging a baseball bat at a branch!

That is the kinaesthetic feeling you need to replicate.

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Hey Bubba says:

Great video, dude, positional golf, conventional teaching is no help to most of us. Kudos!

我没钱啊订阅好不好啊谢谢啊 says:

This is the GREATEST golf channel! Thank you, my friend!!!

我没钱啊订阅好不好啊谢谢啊 says:

Jeez!!!!!!! Thank you! This video is AMAZING!!!

我没钱啊订阅好不好啊谢谢啊 says:

This is my new favorite golf channel! By the way, with your accent it was hilarious hearing your Kentucky adventure

Rich C says:

You are spot on with this. This really works for me and I would advise others to do this. It makes a world of difference. Thank you.

Tom Smith says:

excellent- no thought back and through sooooo agree

Hosoi Archives says:

I agree with your ideas

Billie Dale says:

Don't over think the swing. It's not rocket science.

87sammylad says:

Anyone else think this guy sounds like Justin Rose

Kurt Heitman says:

Hello Alex, I am going to practice and commit to just doing this idea. After many years and tried methods, I think swinging a club should be as simple as swinging a bat, and nobody needs to teach me how to do this. One thing though: I think the major difference is that we golfers are trying to hit a "baseball" at the very end of the bat, and that is what makes it so very difficult. Even a major league baseball player would have trouble hitting a ball at the very end of a bat. SO, g scribling suggests, "imagine hitting the golf ball with the middle of the shaft" and that changes everything! You can't actually do it, but your brain can process that much easier. Visualize an imaginary ball half way up your club shaft and hit it down and a bit right. Cheers.

Sports Channel says:

The best ever explanation of a golf swing, I tried on a golf a range and as he said " and you suddenly will be wakened to a different type of swing"

MrSmashmouth07 says:

Man go set your ass down

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