The Greatest Golf Swing You've Never Seen!

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In this video, Steve details the swing of the late George Knudsen and gives three qualities that the average golfer should try to copy.

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Ralph McCormack says:


Just discovered your Youtube Channel. I am old enough to have talked to Moe Norman three separate times in his early days and followed George Knudson's career from the beginning. Since this is a new video, the proper spelling is Knudson. George never won the Canadian Open. He won the Canadian PGA which was limited to Canadian Professionals. FYI, I actually caddied in both events as a teenager.

There are many stories about both of them. Neither one of them had a strong short game. Apparently, George spent considerable time studying Ben Hogan. He once told my Golf teacher that since he didn't hit into the traps, why waste time practicing it.

As ball-strikers, they were extraordinarily accurate. Moe seemed to have a hangup about his ability to beat George. As far as a golf swing, George's is much better and probably better to copy. Moe hit thousands of balls and PGA pros marveled at watching Moe at Canadian Open Driving ranges into his 60's.

At my age, looking forward to trying the "Throw Method" of Release.



Donnie Corrigan says:

Great fellow Canadian, well explained Steve.

Brian Pasemco says:

Moe and George used to play together and the game was to see who could hit the flagstick more often. George said in his video "Don't play golf to relax, relax to play golf."

bill enright says:

Super swing. I've got his book.

richy clubsport says:

Seen lots of footage of George before, poetry in motion, couple of great clips on youtube of him in the old Shell World if Golf series

georgia may says:

thanks steve

Roland Schlichting says:

Thank you for this video on George, I know people who worked for him and learned his swing to be exceptional golfers. Would you, or have you, done a video on Moe who many people in these parts 🇨🇦 to be one of the most accurate and unique?

Algernon Wolfwhistle says:

Great points. This is a swing that wouldn't look out of place on the current PGA tour. Thanks for posting.

David D says:

Say right away it was George Knutsen. Great Canadian golfer who died too young.

James Town says:

Waddaya mean never seen, Steve?

When you’re 68 and played over 45 years, George is as well known in the realm of great ball strikers as Jack is in majors winners.

At 5:20 George looks like he’s hitting a mid to long iron with a fade. His right foot finishes they way I do even hitting controlled draws. Unless it’s a full shot going for distance with an iron, I hardly ever finish the way Mike wants with heel over the toe, right knee lining up with the left.

I can finish fully like Count Yogi on every full shot but is it plain lazy not to finish fully or perhaps preoccupation with the outcome and tensing with anxiety? I can hit the same shot finishing like George at 5:20 or into a full, tall Austin finish.

I dunno at 68 it feel like an extra not-really-necessary effort.

Ben O'Loughlin says:

I totally agree about George. Jack Nicklaus described him as the man with the million dollar swing. In his book, George says 'never do anything at the expense of balance'. Good advice

Arvind Das says:

Beautiful impact everytime

n g says:

what about Count Yogi? Old videos of him in action pure timing.

Steven Dedrick says:

Never seen? It's my favorite swing ever!

Martin Vera says:

Thanks for all your videos can’t wait to see all the bad things I made on my swing hear from you soon

Billy Ellis says:

Yes and nowadays taking the club inside is bad, it didn't do many of the older players much harm Look at Knudson, jones , sneed even hogan all master ball strikers.

Thomas Henry says:

Wow, thank you for showing his swing! Very nice!

Edward Gagnon says:

Just watched a 1 year ago show… for set up for driver… what a change just shot my personal best round at sunset country club 👍😀

Jim S. says:

He really maintains a lot of flex in his knees as well.

Brad O says:

If only he could have putted half decent

Dave Rao says:

Another great one. I recommend .."George Knudsen..Swing Motion" on Youtube.

Sean Peacock says:

Go Canada 🇨🇦

Poohbear says:

Only player outside Lee that Moe Norman said was the best “ball striker”.

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