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For casual players who may have yet to discover their smash factor, understanding the mechanics behind this cool sounding statistic can actually help develop a golf swing over time. Speaking for me and my golf students, all of us want to smash our driver shots as close to the hole as possible.

As the global golf community continues to see measurable results from applying George Gankas golf strategies, some of Gankas' former students are now beginning to dominate professional golf tours each weekend with the exact same swing lessons found in George's videos.

With a high level of educational and entertainment value, George Gankas golf lessons rank among the most watched online golf instruction videos on any platform. The GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy continues to help develop the golf swings of countless casual players, some of which may become the next top speed golf pros of the coming generation. George Gankas remains omnipresent in golf media, having recently been profiled alongside Butch Harmon in Golf Digest and countless other sports media outlets.

Despite being an omnipresent focal point for most, there are many other attributes borne of a golf swing that often matter more than driving distance. Ultimately hitting your golf ball deeper remains an invaluable skill that most golfers race to achieve, including me and my golf students every time we swing the club.

Many top speed golf pros find evaluating their smash factor can contribute to expanding their golf swing in terms of accuracy and yardage when driving the ball or performing other shots around the golf course.

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Understanding and perfecting the athletic motion associated with ball speed will find golfers are able to further optimize the speed of the golf ball upon leaving their clubface. Clubhead speed, referring to the speed of the club upon striking the ball, has been shown to increase the speed of the ball as it soars towards the intended target.

Top speed golf pros find their smash factor to be very important in the way the statistic measures the efficiency of their energy transfer between the golf club and ball. Even though smash factor can be measured with essentially any club in your bag, most golfers opt to determine their smash factor with a driver club for obvious reasons.

For casual players actively seeking to extend their driving distance, improving their smash factor can be crucial to improving their drives. If a player finds their smash factor to be low, they'll often begin to overthink aspects they may be executing poorly in their golf swing. Because of the vast number of issues that could contribute to a lower smash factor, golfers will need to evaluate a variety of athletic motion in their swing before determining the ultimate source of their low smash factor numbers.

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00:00 Shifting Your Swing Path
01:01 Assessing Spine Tilt in Your Swing
03:08 Evaluating Spine Tilt Post Swing
05:52 Using Longer Clubs Effectively


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Great video! How do you promote a tilt backwards for those who lose the ball miles to the right on occasion? Having side tilt seems to promote the club path to get excessively in to out

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Whomever said those shower shoes look cool lied to you. Otherwise great video.

Larry Mills says:

I have never seen you do anything with adults in their 60 & 70. Why is that?



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