The HUGE problem with modern golf clubs…..

The HUGE problem with modern golf clubs
PGA PRO Rick Shiels talks about the CRAZY prices of new golf equipment! Have your say below in the comments section!


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22 thoughts on “The HUGE problem with modern golf clubs…..

  1. Rick
    Love the video like many
    This video is extremely complimentary to the conversation we really need to have about sustainability in golf course operations globally
    This is another fun topic that industry guys like you and I at our age need
    to get out to the masses & help preserve the game for generations well past us.

    Ben W.
    Former GC Superintendent

  2. Literally everything has gone up in price over the last 10 years. And guess what in another 10 years things will probably double again

  3. Why doesn't every brand have their "premium" range which costs say £1100 for a set of irons, and then also have a "beginner" range which costs £500-£600 for a set of irons. That way people who can't afford the expensive range, can still buy the known brands, and maybe help them aspire to the more expensive range down the line

  4. I'm not so sure manufacturers are trying to grow the sport as long as they can keep squeezing the existing players and they keep paying it.

  5. I was on the High School golf team from 2009 to 2012. Even back then we decided to go with clone clubs because of the difference in price. If this price trend keeps up, then companies making clone clubs will have a massive opportunity.

  6. Also would suggest that a beginner doesn't need a full set of clubs. Possible to play with 8 clubs. That keeps initial costs down.

  7. Golf is aimed at rich people, and I guess if people are paying the money, then good on them (the golf companies), it's a great business model. It also leaves a gap for more mid priced high quality brands to make a name for themselves. It'd be nice to see somebody like Wilson offer more in that mid price bracket, with good shafts and adjustability. My recent personal experience: I'm in the market for a new driver (mine is 12 years old and no longer suits me), and having tried some new drivers, they're unquestionably easier to hit. But in my country, a new driver will cost you around $1000. I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money – I did seriously consider it but it's just too much, especially when I'm probably going to duff it into the nearest bush anyway. If they were $500, I would have bought one. So they're missing out on my money because I'm now looking second hand. But for every 'me' out there, there's someone else paying a grand for a new club, so I guess the big companies won't be too concerned that I didn't buy one. But it does make the new products pretty inaccessible for your weekend hacker.

  8. This vid might be from 2019. Still great and valid as ever.
    Agree with Rick there are many options to save money when buying golf clubs. 2nd hand, end of year sales at various stores, demo clubs, D2C brands such as Haywood, Hogan and many more. If your vanity can cope without big brand names on your clubs there is also great "custom fitted" options available online from less known brands such as Maltby, ERG and Acer to name a few. Google it and see for yourself…

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