The Jay and Dan Podcast: Episode 59 with Holly Sonders

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The gang’s back and they’re joined by their new FOX Sports colleague, golf reporter, Holly Sonders. Holly talks golf, Air Bnb’s and Florida. Schrager is back from vacation and making the rounds at the pre-draft pro days. And good old Taggart takes a time out from a hosting gig to check in on the pod. Plus, Engineer Jim recalls working with the late, great Warren Zevon. Time for one stellar pod!


EvilChameleon09 says:

I heard “10 more tapes of CKDJ” and cheered.

A. Lachambre says:

Hipster Proof Band: Creed

Browntown19 says:

What you guys cut out at 46:30?

Jimmie Rustles says:

holly checkin out the CKDJ at 15:57. she almost jumped on his d right then
and there. 

endoubleyou oh says:


superspoon0 says:

Great Pod!

jtgfletch62 says:

The Hextalls sounded unreal
Thats a really great song

rat vicius says:

Im not too sure but I think we are also safe with alice in chains.. I dont
think the hippsters will be able to touch this one either

Zach Weima says:

Hipster proof band: oasis

Jonathan Martinez says:

Love it!!

victoria1936 says:

Michael J Fox was in The American President. Def took place in The White
House lol 

SuperIUFan53 says:


Bro Brah says:

Hipster Proof – Arcade Fire!

Peekaboo Jones says:

Love the CHIVE!!!!

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