The Jay and Dan Podcast: Episode 59 with Holly Sonders

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EvilChameleon09 says:

I heard “10 more tapes of CKDJ” and cheered.

A. Lachambre says:

Hipster Proof Band: Creed

Browntown19 says:

What you guys cut out at 46:30?

Jimmie Rustles says:

holly checkin out the CKDJ at 15:57. she almost jumped on his d right then
and there. 

endoubleyou oh says:


superspoon0 says:

Great Pod!

jtgfletch62 says:

The Hextalls sounded unreal
Thats a really great song

rat vicius says:

Im not too sure but I think we are also safe with alice in chains.. I dont
think the hippsters will be able to touch this one either

Zach Weima says:

Hipster proof band: oasis

Jonathan Martinez says:

Love it!!

victoria1936 says:

Michael J Fox was in The American President. Def took place in The White
House lol 

SuperIUFan53 says:


Bro Brah says:

Hipster Proof – Arcade Fire!

Peekaboo Jones says:

Love the CHIVE!!!!

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