The LONGEST IRONS of the year?

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Cobra Aerojet Irons Review by Golfalot

Join in the conversation with Golfalot and let us know your thoughts on the new Cobra irons for 2023!

This video review was shot at LSH Auto, Stockport.

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Kevin Meeks says:

Distance, looks, and feel.

Rogers Rogers says:

Nice but if I could swing that smooth and consistent I could hit blades that well. Let’s see a 18 handicapper snatching with them

Kevin Meeks says:

If I get cobra’s 🐍 will go in 2 degree weaker loft but they sound promising.
Want to compare them to the new Ping G430 irons.

kabayonga janet says:

I really need distance. And how much are they?

Jeremy Lohman says:

Crazy lofts have nothing to do with distance either. 😆

Jay says:

any discount coupons for it? 🙂

Riley Durbin says:

I got fitted for these a few months back and have been using them for a couple months now. My yardages have gone up like crazy.
My 9 iron went from ~150 to ~166.
My 7 Iron went from ~175 to 195 (completely baffled me).

The ball flies off the face of these irons.

Seve Sellors says:

Great review Sophie how did they compare with the latest from Ping, Callaway and Taylormade.?

Mel Walker says:

Nice review Sophie, looking at distance irons myself. Would love to see a comparison between these and the Wilson Dynapwr range.

Razzle Dazzle says:

The only issue with the jacked loft irons is that I can not get them stop on the green. The ball rolls forever. I am old now .. 62 years old … but I think I would take the non jacked loft clubs… and hit one more club … and get the spin.

Andrew Martin says:

Great video Sophie, Thanks!!!…<><…:)

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