Top 5 FORGIVING Hybrids Of 2023… MUST TRY!

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James Tio says:

Failed class for not completing homework.

Toon Lad says:

The TSR hybrid is very cool, but never hit the others so I have no opinion

Speak out says:

Got to be the halo the thing is a game changer

Tj says:

Completely disagree with your number 1

Brutus ofTroy says:

Based on what? Just because you hit better shots with a club doesn't mean it's more forgiving

Water_feind says:

Well we’ll never know. I guess I’ll just continue to suck at golf

Jetro says:

And of those 4 the Ping is the only one to offer adjustable hosel.

Edward Brown says:

Isn’t the Kaule a lady hybird

Tobias Ballester says:

Jesus loves you

Alex Mills says:

Post the full video in the comments, it would be helpful for those looking for longer format content about what piques their interest here.

Stuart Arbuthnot says:

Top 5? 5,2,3,2,1 😂

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