This video is all about the golf swing. I hope you find it useful.

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  1. 7:10 – Just re-watching this excellent sequence and the release through impact. Promptly went to my hitting area at home and practice this over and over!

  2. Hi Russell, thank you for this video. After watching I had a breakthrough moment on the driving range. The 2 things that finally clicked for me were the hands and wrists, and the shaft pointing twoard the ball on the downswing. I hit 80% of my shots straight with good contact.

  3. Hi Russell Great videos. As per your more recent videos lave been working on my hip rotation. I used to be a slider but am now trying to initiate the transition by working the left hip. I have a question about weight transition from right to left. Is this achieved by pressing down on the left side and then rolling the ankle alone, or is there an element of pushing with the right foot. If you use the right foot is the pressure on the heel or balls as you push. Also what is the sequence of pressure, left then right or both together?

  4. My videos show me sliding and pulling the arms down with the hips stalling at impact. Starting the transition by rotating first is what I'm working now. This tends to throw the arms out, but I think this is easier to solve than the other way around.

  5. I just love the way you start your videos.. what is that thing you say in that 1/10th of a second of every video? "Hi how are we doing welcome to.. " ? 😉

    Love your videos by the way!!

  6. You are "genius " of a man have watched probably every video content that you have done and have probably convinced myself that I have been taking the content and understanding it but the end result is still 28 handicap my actual golf is largely better but lack of consistency means my handicap remains 28 but this video has hit home and I think this will be a massive game changer for me holding the grip the way you have demonstrated and the initial takeaway has hit a nerve with me and really feel this can help me no end cheers Russell ?????️?️

  7. Thanks for this recap Russell. I've been following your videos since you put out the '5 essentials' series, and I have seen a big improvement in my consistency, in large part thanks to your explanations.

  8. Good video…provides a useful checklist. Question regarding step between impact and finish….seems like old school swings have active releases where when parallel to ground the club is visible from behind and the clubface is closed to the swing arc, and new school swings have passive releases where when parallel to ground the club is not visible from behind and the clubface is square to the swing arc. You appear to use the passive release approach and its what I'm trying to eliminate the need for precise timing. Is it a choice or is it all automatic at that point?

  9. Your videos and instructions are always amazingly easy to relate to. Thank you for the efforts and thinking about us struggling golfers

  10. YES !! Finally!! Thats what I've been waiting for! 🙂 I suggested you to make this video a month or two months ago! nice work!! And I apreciate your work you put into your videos and that you read neraly every comment your followers make! Thanks from Germany!

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