The Open 2019 Royal Portrush

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I take a road trip to The Open 2019 at Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland. and meet Gary Player along the way

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Adrian says:

did you get to play portstewart?
im a member there and played that tuesday morning and was on the range in afternoon and didn't know about players clinic was raging i missed it and must have only just missed it

Mungo 1967 says:

Great vid. Entertainment gets better and better each time. Cheers

Brian Treadwell says:

Really entertaining v-log, skinsuits . . . if it feels good ? (who am I to judge). Mr Player, gentleman, genius, inspiration ?

Ray Jacques says:

Don't like you anymore Andy, as I am jealous of your trip. Only joking, great video??

Mark Derby says:

Great video Andy really great content! Looks amazing out there.??

Robert Page says:

Andy, that is magnificent. Where did you get such cinematographic skills? Truly wonderful.

Steve someone says:

Did you meet Mr Player on the "off chance" or was it because of the fact you are a you tube channelist with various sponsor obligations?

Rob Biles says:

That was gold Andy, pure Gold !

Jay Byrne says:

Top vid mate, hope you're having a top time out there.
I've spent all week laying decking at our house, who's got it right? ?

Paul Bear says:

What a fantastic video, loved the bit with Gary Player. Best video to date in my opinion, well done guys and keep it up!!!

Anthony Jones says:

Gary player what a legend. If I get to his age I Hope I’m as fit as him. Have to go some though as not as fit as him now and I must be 40 odd years younger ?

Billbo Beaney says:

One of the best ever Andy and co lol,what a gent g p is still the same joke ever time but the way he tell them is just ?????

Jonathan Jones says:

Is it me or do you (Andy) always say something (unsporting like) just before Lewis takes his shot. lol. Probably just my bad mind.

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