The Perfect Golf Swing Made SIMPLE ?️‍♂️

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There are two elements that go into getting that perfect golf swing & those are BODY & CLUB MOVEMENT. Shaun & Mike are on explain each of these elements & how to perfect each of those with different techniques to get your PERFECT swing. Let us know what you think in the comments below! ?Don't forget to also hit that like button& subscribe for more videos like this one EVERY WEEK!

14 thoughts on “The Perfect Golf Swing Made SIMPLE ?️‍♂️

  1. Relative to the target line, what angle should the right and left arm have when left arm is parallel to the target line?

    Also curious how these angles are relative to the torso.


    Edit: I guess that as long as your hands look like they are “inside” of your are arms from behind, you have a good thing going?

  2. I would love if sometime before spring you guys could do a series of videos on fairway woods (e.g. 3 wood off the deck). Ball position, transition sway and hand drop, angle of attack, spine tilt… all that good stuff.

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