The Ryder Cup 2014 on Sky Sports

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Watch the Ryder Cup live only on Sky Sports, September 26-28.

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George Thomas says:

Come on Europe!

john smith says:

Ive just seen the Rep of Ireland flag at this years Ryder cup!!!! Whats
that about?

Will Pearson says:

Gonna be mint come on Europe

Lee Hanson says:

Does anyone know the name of the remix used in this sky sports ryder cup
advert????? I know the original is by Public Enemy “Bring the Noise”, but I
want to know DJ or the remix name for the one used in this advert?

DjTak3On3 says:

bring the noise benny bennassi, your welcome

Joe Kearney says:

Can’t wait

Adam O Connor says:

USA will smash europe

thestr8jacket1 says:

I been looking for this remix too , closest I found is the “samples remix”
found here on YouTube too. Anybody able to confirm if that’s it?

Tim Raglan says:

which ad agency made this advert?! so cool also which ad agency does sky
sports in general??

Jamie Whelan says:

Name of that remix of Bring the Noize?

Jöhñ Ğöüldïñğ says:

What’s the remix

Jöhñ Ğöüldïñğ says:

What’s the remix

Sky Sports says:

Watch the Ryder Cup live only on Sky Sports, September 26-28.

JackWilliams94 says:


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